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Back and neck spasms

Any suggestions on how to get relief from neck and back spasms. I'm about to just start crying from the pain.

I am have not been diagnosed with MS, but figure y'all are the experts on spasms.

I have locked up all weekend in the neck and now my entire back is one big knot!!

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I wish that I could help you because I know that exact same feeling in the same spot and not dx with ms.... however, my neuro put me on zanaflex for the spasms. I was stuck in the same position for a couple of hours and had both my mom and sister trying to massage it out and I tried a heating pad. I had a difficult time finding the right treatment for it as well.
Hope you get the answers you need

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It depends on what is causing the Spasms. I do yoga and pilates at home. An exercise called the bridge helps a lot. I went to my Primary Care and she first of sent me to Physical Therapy which helps a lot. I do the exercises on my own. Then I have been put on specific medications for spasm and nerve pain. Medications are not one size fits all what works for me may not work for someone else. I am on several anti seizure drugs and baclofen and Oxycoden when it is really bad. For me I have to keep active when my back and neck lock up which is not what I want to do. My back hurts I go for a long walk.

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That's terrible!  I know how bad spasms can be.  Usually when I have spasms that bad, it's because of something else - like an injury.  

I've tried lots of stuff but really drugs work the best - I take Baclofen, which is a spinal muscle relaxer, and Flexaril when I have a flareup of spasms.  Like last night - I woke up with the hug, so I popped a couple of Flexaril, and went back to sleep.

Stretching can get you some relief for the spasms, and heating pad works too, but only a little bit.
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I'm not diagnosed either but suffer with the same as you. I do take Flexaril and Percacet when the pain gets really bad and the spasms get out of control but when I can, I take ibuprofen and lightly massage in Arnica Cream. If I can catch it early enough, sometimes this is enough.

I know how painful this is and my heart goes out to you.

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Hi i just went thru that a week ago and my dr prescribed me vicotin, it really offered alot of relieve, I dont think nothing gets rid of all the pain, but it helps. ps my daughter is a massage therapist and that offered some relief but it was very short lived. Good luck
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I understand completely. Try Chinese accupuncture. I go 2 xs a week. It helped at first but now nothing helps. I still go because I am desparate. Good luck.
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