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Back from the Psychiatrist...what a waste of my time!

Well I was first asked to fill out a questionaire...which I did.

Then I was seen by a "therapist" who asked a million questions right down to whether or not I was abused by my family and whether being adopted has caused me problems in the past.  This was after I explained almost everything that has gone on in the last two years!  She took notes on everything that I said and told me that she would talk to the doctor about everything we had discussed and then he would make a decision (about what I have no idea).

Then I was told to come back in an hour and a doctor would see me.

I was seen by the "doctor" and after him asking me about 6 times whether or not I was depressed or just angry he gave me a prescription for anti-depressants and told that I was welcome to come join their group sessions every Wednesday to try to make me feel less lonely.

He asked about my seizures (which are really a non-issue and have been for about 12 years), he asked if I had warnings about my seizures...I told him not really because I had them when I was sleeping all the time.  He asked if the anger I had was directed at anyone (what a friggin joke this guy is...didn't he read anything that the "therapist" wrote down?) and I told him that it is directed at many people and most of them health care related and if he wanted another play by play he could refer to her notes because I was tired!  (I was tired and why should I have to go through it all over again...the therapist was amazed at my detail with dates and such over the last 2 years so I think they should have figured that I was just going to repeat myself!)  

Anyway, I will give you more detail later but the gist of it is that the psychiatrist is not interested in referring me to a neurologist...just gave me some anti-depressants and was told to see the "therapist" in the beginning of November to see how the drugs are working and I am "welcome to come to the group therapy sessions every Wednesday for as long as I want so that perhaps I won't feel so lonely".


I am soooooooo Pi**ed off right now I could just spit!  As far as I am concerned the neuro/psych consult was a waste of time as was this appointment and perhaps I will just give it all up...why not, as I said to the psychiatrist over and over..."I am at the end of my rope and I have nowhere left to turn" and he just kept asking if I was going to do harm to myself or anyone else???  what the heck does he care...I guess as long as I am not feeling lonely he feels his job is done I guess eh?


I am going out for a steak supper starting with a White Russian and then maybe I will have a White Russian for an appetizer and for dessert!  I will elaborate more either later tonight or tomorrow morning but I figure why go all the way to the hospital to talk to a bunch of strangers when I have a support group right here that at least knows my story and I know will always be here??

ppss  Ada...I will drop you a line later ok?
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I just don't understand why you can't get a break for the positive.  It really pi**es me off too!!!  I was so hoping you would see someone with understanding, that would help you.

You go girl, with the while russians!!!!  Just be careful and don't fall on your bottom

I and everyone here understands what you are going through and how frustrating it is for you.  We all wish we could fix it for you, but since we can't, we can at least be your safe place.  You are very important here and everyone loves you.

I hope your night gets better.  As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers

Love & Hugs,
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Rena, I have to go now, but i will try to drop in tomorrow or later tonight.... but I just wanted to quickly say how much this annoyed and upset me. GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!

Just so you know.... this wasn't how it was supposed to turn out!
got to run, be back tlaer
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Honey I'm sorry this was a bust for you. Anger, they wonder why you are angry? Sheesh, how about all the **** that you have gone through these last couple of years? Group therapy for loneliness? What the heck? How about help in dealing with the boneheads that are causing the anger? How about the MS you have and that it can cause depression? How about getting you the DMD's so that you might feel better and then be able to go out and socialize?

Maybe I shouldn't be writing to you right now. My frame of mind is not the best for this. I am sorry Rena. My thoughts are with you hon.

So I'll leave you with this: I'm redecorating a room in my house. I'm putting in rubber walls and ceiling and floor and attaching velcro to it. Then I'm going to play bouncy bouncy in there and when I'm bored with that I'm going to put on a velcro suit and jump till I stick to the ceiling and then place bets on how long it takes me to drop. heehee Want to join me? It's better therapy then what they have planned for you.

Love ya
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Group therapy?????  That's all they had to offer you??  I was a Social Worker in my past life, before going in HR, and there is a place for group therapy, but not until after you have had several individual sessions.  Are you sure this guy was a psychiatrist?  I am so sorry that all they had to offer you were drugs and group therapy.  Is there anything else?  You know, this was a first meeting.  Most times they don't get into real therapy until the second session.  What do you plan to do?  


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Are there ANY good docs up there???  (rhetorical question)

Be back later.

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Gosh Rena,

That is pathetic that all they offer you is group therapy - you at least should be offered one-on-one sessions if they think you are all that mental!!! :-)

Seriously, this just ***** - you deserve something more than a pat on the head and this feeble attempt by them to fix you this way.

I really do get confused about the difficulties you Canadians encounter in getting help and then even more trouble getting competent medical help.  Where do your doctors come from?  

You have a 24/7 support group here that will do therapy with you whenever you need it.  We even will give you a kick in the keister if you need it!  

Hopefully the white Russians went down smoothly and will help you get some rest tonight.  Come tomorrow its  back to the routine and trying to find you some real help.

I'm so sorry that this psych thing has turned into such a dilemma for you.

We'll wait to hear the rest of the story when you feel up to it, ok?

Until then, keep your chin up!!!
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