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Back from vacation, in lots of pain, MS Society strikes again!

Hey all...just wanted to let you know that I had an awesome time in Newfoundland and surprising my friend for her 50th birthday was a rousing success!  I had her blubbering like a baby and everyone thought it couldn't be done!  It was a great trip though but of course I am paying for it now!  grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

I did REALLY well while in Newfoundland!  My surprising my friend for her 50th birthday was a rousing success and I am sure she is still in shock that I made it all the way out there all my myself!  The first thing she asked when she saw me was "how did you get here?" I told her I flew and my arms are really tired and then she asked who came with my and I told her that I was there by myself and she couldn't believe it!  I will post a few pics on my profile!

Yesterday I received a mailing from the Canadian MS Society.  They are looking for donations to aid in the study of CCSVI, client services, public education and awareness, volunteer development and government relations across Canada.  In the front of the envelope was a window exposing a Canadian Nickel and they are asking you to show your support by adding your gift to the nickel.  Also included in the envelope are 72, personalized, return address labels.  When I stopped to think about what it had to cost to send out the nickle and all the personalized return address labels which I likely will never use because of the advent of email, what a waste of money this is.  In the very fine print the MS Society states "Based on past experience, we hope this campaign will raise in Alberta, approximately $95,200 at an estimated cost of $48,425."  Now some may think I am being a little extreme in my disbelief of the idiocy of the Canadian MS Society.  For starters, these return mailing labels had to cost a massive amount of money and how many are realistically going to use them...my friends said they don't use the mail anymore...point taken.  Then for them to send out a nickel is pure idiocy in my mind.  They could have had something made in the form of a real nickel in paper and got their point across.  How many are realistically  going to send in a check with the nickel when the cost to mail such an item through Canada Post will cost an arm and a leg?  Yes I have a history of strife with the MS Society and they have yet again proven their money wasting habits are a serious problem.  I was accused of "wasting precious healthcare dollars and doctor shopping" when I asked them for help to find a new Neurologist...perhaps they should take the time to look in the mirror!!  Thanks for letting me vent friends...

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Often I wonder about the expense to return ratio that these groups have.  We get lots of mailings, too.  How many hundreds of return address labels can one person use? I know the psychology behind this marketing ploy, but I think it is outdated and wasteful.

We should come up with new suggestions for them to try....  Lulu

PS - glad to hear the party was a success.
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Here in the US the mailings are usually funded by the drug companies who take the tax write off.  I do notice with the economy the drug company swag at local events is minimal. Our MS Society tries to use the internet more than mailings.


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hi rena i agree with you 100percent that is a big waste of money
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