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Back pain link to RRMS

Diagnosed with RRMS in 2015, probably started with first noticable symtoms in 2012 (woke with numb face, not a stroke, then 2013 had double vision, at first incident I was aged 52 diagnosed as type 1 diabetic, list here is just brief background, I am otherwise healthy, it then took several MRI scans to finally in 2015 confirm, based on insidents, scan results that I have RRMS). For me the main symtoms (numb right sie of face will be with me for ever, but not an issue, anger and frustration, I manage much much better, tiredness, again I manage well, so to my question:
Recently, I have been having lower back pains, generally wakes me around 4 or 5 in the morning, bed is good standard mattress, I generally just get up, within 20 minutes pain is a lot less troublesome, could this be linked to MS, my last MRI scan (brain) should no word0sening of lesions, however a full body scan was not taken, so unclear if spinal lesions were any worse, at the last review (Dec 16) I did not really have any major pain or back issue, hope my question is clear, should I get this checked out or just put up withthe recent sleep and back pain trend?
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There are many subtle mobility changes early on with ms.  My advice would be to start seeing a physiotherapist.  Have your gait, posture, etc. assessed, then start a fitness, strength and flexibility program.  A PT will also be able to identify if there is a specific area of concern.  If I'm not careful I end up with facet joint issues.

Things like sore back are not lesion-related (primary), but secondary to how we walk, sit, how our posture is.  By our age, we also start to have disc and arthritis issues rear their ugly heads :P.

For all of these reasons, and to manage your ms mobility into the future, I recommend a commitment to exercise.
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Hi and welcome,

"Recently, I have been having lower back pains, generally wakes me around 4 or 5 in the morning, bed is good standard mattress, I generally just get up, within 20 minutes pain is a lot less troublesome, could this be linked to MS"

IF i didn't know you'd been dx-ed with MS and had spinal cord lesions, i would of said lower back pain is a pretty common generally pubic issue, it's often related to things like a herniated disc (slipped disc), pinched nerve, back muscle pain, back ligament strain, sciatica (radiating downward leg pain), but since you're saying this improves with walking around i think that usually would point more towards muscle...

"Back sprain or strain

Symptoms typically include:

Muscle spasms, cramping, and stiffness.
Pain in the back and sometimes in the buttock. It may come on quickly or gradually. It most often occurs in episodes. Certain movements make it worse, and doing light activities such as walking makes it feel better.

The worst pain usually lasts 48 to 72 hours and may be followed by days or weeks of less severe pain."

In regards to MS, it doesn't sound like it would be relapse related but it still could be MS muscle spasticity related, pseudo heat intolerance if your getting too hot when you sleep etc though keep in mind even though you do have MS it still could be a common lower back issue too...i'd recommend you get it checked out regardless!

Hope that helps...JJ
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I have had ms for almost 20 years and back issues for even longer. It's often hard to realize when you have more than one health concern at a time. My MS wasn't dx for a long time because I had Systemic Sclerosis and my Dr blamed my neuro symptoms on it (altho it doesn't have neuro symptoms). Sounds like you have a separate back issue. My spiel causes more pain and disability than my secondary progressive MS  (almost, lol).

I'd see an orthopedic dr and have some imaging studies done to see if you have any bulging discs or anything else. Good luck to you. Back pain isn't fun!
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