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Besides DJ moving on Friday, what else is happening this week?

Yes, you read that correctly.  Shadowsister's airplane flight is scheduled for this coming Friday to wisk her out of California.  Her apartment in Pennsylvania is waiting for her and the moving truck should arrive this week with all of her household goods.  Last week they removed the drain line from her surgery, took out half the stitches, and were moving her into a step-down unit room.  All of that is excellent news.

Now what does everyone else have planned this week?  If you are new, this is your chance to inform us of upcoming appointments, luncheon dates, or anything else of interest that you wish to share.

I hope it is a great week for everyone!

wishing you well,
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Wonderful news about DJ!  Thanks for the update, Lu.

Main thing on my agenda is appt with neuro-ophth in Edmonton.  Routine annual follow-up.  I really like him, he takes so much time with me and answers all of my questions.  I think it's time I give in and get glasses, am starting to need to hold books several more centimetres away from my eyes to bring the text into focus.  Ahhhh, middle age......
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2nd neuro opinion tomorrow.
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I'm glad to hear DJ is doing well, and finally off to Pennsylvania. :-)

I have a followup appointment with the Neurologist to review the results of the EMG/Nerve Conductance test and blood tests he did last week.

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I had a great session with the accupuncturist today.  My numb foot can now feel the carpet when I walk barefoot. A couple of the needles really made me jump appropriately.  He was able to immediately zero in on what parts of my body needed work.  I just wish I could afford to go more often.  -Lu
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Physio therapy tomorrow for strained rotator cuff.

Doctor's appt Wed with my GP (first one since MS dx)

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Lulu, is your numb foot an MS symptom or due to something else?
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