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Best places to live with MS

I am curious:  What would be the best places to live with MS, and why?  I guess weather is the first issue.  I am from a very hot town, and I currently reside in a place that gets very hot summers and there is a high risk of hurricanes.  Another issue would be healthcare.  Family and friends are an absolute priority as well.  What places would you consider?  
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Now that sounds like a loaded question, hehe. Remember, I don't have MS, but given what I know about it, I'd think you want a cooler climate. That being said, I am really curious if moving closer to the equator after getting MS would have any benefits.

I have to think about it, but this I can see that this could be a tricky question to try and come up with one single answer. I'm hoping someone else will chime in and give some advice.
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I would say the Washington DC metro area, but I'm a little prejudice since I live in the area. The good side would be the access to medical care and research being done on MS as well as the great opportunities to stay independent after disability sets in.  We have a good transportation system, disability programs, and networking with others going through similar health issues.  I am not so sure about the local MS Society though since my only experience with them has been really minimal.  

The down side of it is the horrible humidity for the months of June through August.  Oh well, I guess you can't have everything.  

That's my 2-cents worth.

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Forgot 2 more down sides...The expense of living here is high and the other is maybe you won't be close to family.  But family can come visit and they often love to as well as friends since there is so much to do here.  

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I live on Maui. I live on the rainy side of the island but then when I have to go to the store its hot and so my body goes nutz with the temp change daily.

Good thoughts on the temp change...
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Oh yeah for Healthcare Hawaii is out!!! I am considering Georgia. Anyone from Georgia with advice about living there with MS?
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BIG vote for the Pacific Northwest!!  Very Temperate, mild winters, cool summers except for 6 weeks when it gets into the 90's sometimes, but most places have A/C.  Always cool at night.  Great breezes.  Great Healthcare west of the Cascades. (Basically talking Seattle and Portland).  I moved here from Nevada and it is lush and cool and wonderful.  House prices are decent.  I wouldn't live anywhere else.  (I have lived in Wichita,  Chicago, Yuma, So Cal, Boulder, Palo Alto, Reno, and here.)

Yay Washington and Oregon too.  Blessed be
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