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Better Guitar Last Night

I played a short set at my neurologist's party last night, after taking Jen's advise and not practicing the day of a performance.  In fact the only thing I did yesterday was laundry and a lot of resting.  I still was only good for about 20 minutes before my arm/hand was absolutely shot.  But the mistake factor was way down from last week!  I'm feeling better about this!  

I had trouble walking all evening, and my hubby had to help me down the stairs on the way home.  Slept like a rock!

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Yay!  Glad to hear it - it's reassuring, isn't it?  

I also have a lag in my right hand when I'm tired.  I'm normally a good rhythmic player, but I've found that my hand just won't *go* when I'm tired.  And my endurance is low - I can get maybe an hour, maybe two with breaks, before I give out.  I feel fortunate that at least the problem is only in my right hand (knock on wood!)  At least I can fret without much difficulty, even if I can't strike the string at the right time.
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I know what you mean about your hands and arm. I have the same issue. I've been playing for a while but my left side has a lot of weakness. I have a lot of trouble with power chords and I don't have the strength if I have to stretch 3 frets for very long. My fingers will start to cramp like crazy.

I've been getting back, practicing lately and playing out, but I only can last maybe 2-3 songs at best before my hands give. Recently, I was on stage for the first time, playing a song, and my hand got a tremor in it. I recovered pretty fast, and covered up the mess up, but I knew what happened. I was just glad nobody else did.

Glad you had a good night :)
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Glad you had a good night of playing! That is excellent!
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That would be great - I'd love to cross the ocean myself. Our last CD got a good bit of airplay on some stations in France, and we were actually considerng a trip over there back in February - but I got really down, and our drummer broke his foot and ankle.

It will be hard if I have to give up playing, but if it takes my singing voice, that will be the worst. I've had a lot of trouble with swallowing and my speach. One time during a gig, my voice went completely out on me. I nodded to my husband to take the song out with a lead break, and he had to carry all the vocals for the rest of the night.

GG - where do you play?
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I really envy you both
I used to play rythm/lead in a 60's/70's/80/s cover band called the Jury (there were 12 of us) but 5 years ago I had to give up as I could not make it to1am and after
Now I have not picked up guitar for about 3 years and my hands and fingers shake so much that I cannot even tune

Hopefully 1 day I will come across to the states and have a chance to hear you both
take care
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Hey Guitar-grrl

Glad you had a good gig. How long have you been playing guitar?

I play bass with a blues/rock trio, but we haven't done a show lately because my latest flare has really kicked be in the backside.

My husband, aka lead guitarists, fusses because I don't practice like I normally do - but if I practice a lot beforehand, I can't play when I have to. A couple of weeks ago, we rehearsed, and it was like my right hand just didn't want to cooperate - I had to concentrate really hard to hit the right string when I normally play our set list with ease. Those listening said I ddin't miss a note, but they had no idea the extra effort it was taking - and I felt like I didn't play so well.

I fear that I may be at a point where I have to give up playing the 5-set evenings. I can't even carry my own equipment anymore and have to sit on a stool - which is a bummer when you're playing rock-n-roll.

Best of luck!


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Hey, GG, I'm glad that resting up before the performance helped.  Those muscles will only take so much exercise.

A thought, if the places you play are often  warm, you might try a cool down before playing, but keep your hands warm.  If you are playing in a warm room, the added heat and the effect that it has on your body could also affect your finger strength and your coordination.  I say keep your hands warm while you cool down, because I find that - while I feel better when cold - my muscles are stiffer, and I am less capable of fine coordination.

I'm happy for you that you can continue to perform!

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Excellent! I am so happy that you did well and the mistake factor went way down!!!

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I'm happy to hear that you did so well!  Are you still smiling?

Happy Hugs,

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