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Bladder Infection question

Usually I get uti's.  But this time I have a bladder infection.  What is the difference?  I got prescribed antibiotics, ones I have never heard of before--nitrofurantoin mono/mac 100 mg 2 x daily.  I have been on them for 3-4 days now but don't feel better yet.  Shouldn't I be feeling some relief by now?

I am going to AZ on Friday and will not postpone it, darn it!  I am meeting my new   I am slurping down cranberry juice...lol

Is there anything else I can do?  My normal everyday pain has increased, too.  

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Oops!  Missing word is grandbaby!  Don't know where it disappeared to...
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Acute cystitis is known as a bladder infection.

Urinary tract infection is just that, the urinary tract is infected either by bacteria (E. coli).

Anything in the upper urinary tract (ureters -- you have two :)) or kidneys is referred to as Pyelonephritis.  

So so sorry you got one :(

Drinking cranberry juice contains about 5% of cranberry the rest water, flavoring and sugar.

Get cranberry pills at your local pharm store.

Drinking plenty of fluids if not contraindicated with any heart condition, medications, electrolyte imbalances etc.

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Forgive my weird responses today, I have a a trouble writing today or geathering my thoughts. Just wow.
I will lok back and laugh at this
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At least it was just the word that disappeared and not the grandbaby.

Lisa is right about the cranberry juice - you can't drink enough of the stuff to get the amounts you need.  buy the capsules and try those instead.

Same goes for the bladder infection - you have to watch those closely or your kidneys can get in trouble pretty fast.  That's what happened to me back in October. I had a UTI that moved into my bladder and ascended through my kidneys into my bloodstream.  Can we say "sepsis?"

All of us have to be careful with those infections - that is the prime cause of relapses from what I know - UTi's will kick off all the bad tricks our bodies can do.

Keep taking the meds and enjoy the time with the new grandbaby.

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Lisa has got the facts right.

Aside from infection  there is usually inflammation also. You might be able to get a bit more relief from an OTC anti-inflammatory such as advil or tylenol.

I used AZO once but after reading the cautions it states something about increased risk of bladder cancer so I steered clear of it.

I do like the cranberry supplements.

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Your urinary tract is composed of the kidneys, ureters, bladder and urethra.  An infection anywhere along the line classifies as a UTI (urinary tract infection).  UTI is a non-specific generic term.  A bladder infection is a UTI.  Not every UTI is in the bladder.

Nitrofurantoin is the generic name for Macrodantin, an antibiltic commonly used to treat UTIs.  I would have thought you would be beginning to feel better after four days on the antibiotic.  If you are no better by tomorrow, definitely call the doctor to report this.  He might want to order something different or add another drug to what you are taking already.

Waiting too long for symptoms to go away while you take pills that are ineffective against the bug you've got will put you at greater danger of extension of the infection into the kidney.  Taking the wrong antibiotic is no better than taking none at all.

Did the doctor run a culture and sensitivity on the urinalysis to identify both the bug and the most effective antibiotic?  This test should be done before treatment starts and repeated after antibiotic treatment is finished to make sure the infection is gone.  Not all infections cause symptoms so it can be really difficult to know when you are completely cleared.

If you have symptoms in Arizona, be sure to go to a Stat Care for diagnosis and treamment.  Never let this go.

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I agree with everything that Twopack said.  If you've been on the drug 3 or 4 days now with no symptom relief, that would suggest to me that you have an organism that for whatever reason is resistant to the drug. It is a good broad spectrum antibiotic, meaning that it works against a wide variety of organisms, but there are still some organisms that are resistant to nitrofurantoin.

Hopefully when you saw your doctor about your UTI, they asked for a urine sample and did what Twopack mentioned, a culture and sensitivity. What that means is that they send it to a lab, where the urine is put on special plates that enhance the growth of organisms. It takes at least 16-18 hours for the organism to grow, and if there is something there, it takes another 8-10 or so to get an antibiotic sensitivity. That is a list of a variety of antibiotics and if the organism is sensitive (will be killed or inhibited) or resistant to the drug. So it will take at least 2 days to get results back. If there was more than one organism causing the infection, it could potentially take longer. I know all of this because this is what I do for a living, and I'm used to taking calls from irate doctors wondering why they haven't gotten results yet!

I would definitely give your doctor a call and report that you aren't feeling better. They probably have the report back by now, and can now prescribe a more appropriate antibiotic.
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Wow, I suppose I should have known all this already being that I have uti's all the time.  :(

Well, now I know and I thank all of my teachers!  You all are the best, always giving me the exact information I am looking for!

I was having symptoms with this one.  I went to doc specifically for it.  I don't know if he does the sensitivity part but I know he always sents me urine somewhere.  Would the sensitivity part automatically be done if he sent it out for culture?

If this infection has already moved to my kidneys, are their symptoms that will tell me so?  Like maybe pain in my very low back, only on the left side?  It is not part of my normal lower back pain, it is different.  

I should have asked about the cranberry juice last week!  lol. I think I have turned into a cranberry already, I have drank so much of it!  Ok, cranberry pills (not ANOTHER pill!).  How many ml do I take and do I take them always or just until this is over?  Do they mess with the bowel functions at all?

My grandbaby better not disappear!  I haven't even met him yet!  I missed his birth. :/  Pictures just aren't the same, you know?  Though I have received some very touching keepers of my son with his boy...beautiful.  :)

I will call my doc and let them know what is or is not going on with me.  I would sure like the reassurance that my body is on the mend BEFORE I go to AZ.  And my fingers are crossed that I don't go into a flare while away from home!  That would truly s u c k!

Thanks again, everyone.  I don't know what I would do without you!  Muah!


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