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Well, in my quest to find answers, I have been reading a lot of books in addition on online searches.

I thought it might be helpful to others if I gave a short review on the ones I have read and gleaned from thus far.

Not sure how to do this except to post as a new comment in the forum. So, this is how I will begin. If someone has a better idea later, may change. Also, no promises that I will remember to come back and continue to update. ;-) But, I will try to. I currently have 5 books to give a short review. I received/read all these books from the National Multiple Sclerosis Society Lending Library. I find their system works quite well and consider it a treat to find another requested book in my mailbox.

Each review will start with the title and author and then a short summary of my thoughts.

Facing the Cognitive Challenges of MS by Jeffery N. Gingold : This book is excellent! I wasnt certain what to expect as I had not really thought through the cognitive issues of MS. Until I read this book. This author tells his personal story of MS, being diagnosed, how it effected his profession, etc. He was greatly impacted by the cognitive challenges. He gives good information on describing the cognitive symptoms and how he dealt with them.  It was so good and so insightful, I passed this book along for my husband to read. He also found it a helpful read....and think his comment was "wow....I understand more of what is happening to you, and can understand better what you have not been able to describe." So, this is a plus+plus. I gained information and insight and my husband gleaned as well. I highly recommend this book for MS patients and their family, I'd even go so far as to say co-workers if one is disclosing MS in the workplace.

Multiple Sclerosis 300 Tips by Shelley P Schwarz:  this is a short, easy read with several (300, I guess) tips on various aspects of MS. I do not have the book here just now, but it was good enough to make my "Refer to in the Future" list. I doo think I took some notes on specific 'tips' which seemed helpful but I also do not have those notes handy as I write.

When the Diagnosis Is Multiple Sclerosis by Kym Orsetti Furney MD: I just finished reading this one. It is another persons personal path in the diagnosis and adjustments of having MS. Furney is a physician and a mother and has good insights into how MS impacts both areas. I found her address of emotional issues quite helpful and insightful. She is honest about the impact and the changes not only with diagnosis but as the disease progresses, brings changes and new challenges. She has helpful insights especially in when and how to tell your young children. She is open about her own experience with medications, and is very honest about how very different it is to be on the receiving end of the needle as opposed to the  Dr administering the needle. Furney is honest and clear on every topic she addresses. She has a helpful chapter on depression and dealing with it when necessary. She gives one with MS hope! In fact, the book's subtitle is:"Help, Hope, and Insights from an Affected Physician.  I will want to read this book again in the future.

Healing Multiple Sclerosis Diet, Detox and Nutritional Makeover for Total Recovery by Ann Boroch:  I review this book with a bit of caution.  I do believe that diet and nutrition are very important, and the author's personal experience is one of total healing after following a detox/dietary plan as well as looking at emotional issues, etc. HOWEVER, I personally am a Christian and i cannot recommend her venture into the new age  spiritual mysticism aspect. I purposely did not read several of the book's chapters as I know I do not believe where she is headed and cannot endorse that aspect. I do believe that emotions and thoughts are to be examined as a definite aspect of MS, but I do not think her chapters of "affirmations" and mysticism in the spiritual are healthy for anyone, with or without MS. She gives a 'spiritual' tone to her work, and she mentions ''God" which first encouraged me, but further reading made it clear she believes God can be whatever any person believes. I read further with caution and urge others to be aware of her views. Her information on alternative treatments for better diet and detox are probably good for everyone with or without MS. She makes a big deal of saying that physicians like to say that MS is not curable and that Drs want people on medications for life. Personally, I prefer to say that for now, there is no MS cure, but there are many things which can make having it easier to deal with on a daily basis.

Fighting Fatigue in MS by Nancy Lowenstein:  I do not have this book in front of me as I read and returned it already. However, it did have helpful information enough that I wrote down the title and author's name so I could look at the book again in the future, or perhaps happen across it in a used book store.

Okay, those are the ones I have to review for now. I have read many others. They did not make my "refer to in the future" list.

I would encourage everyone here to check out the lending library of the NMSS. Maybe others have resources for info closer to them, we live in a rural area so as I said, getting a book to read in the mail always brings a smile.

Hope my thoughts are possibly helpful to others.
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No responses on this post at the time,  but feel you'll appreciate the reviews...


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Hi there,

Thank you so much for this! It's not always easy to find review on books or articles written, so glad to have this post!

I did find a website once that included books and reviews, and your post reminded me of that. If I locate it again, I'll post it here, so we have a go-to thread to pop up once in awhile for those interested.

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