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Brain MRI and CT

Recently I had a brain CT and MRI.  Results are a little worrisome....hope you can give me some insight on what it means.  
MRI reads:  Mild scattered punctate and patchy foci of T2 prolongation seen primarily within the subcortical white matter of bilateral frontal and parietal lobes.  CT reads:  Mild patchy areas of low-attenuation seen in subcortical and deep periventricular white matter.  Been doing some research and a lot of these words point to MS and microvascular ischemic related things..... Thanks for any info you can provide.  
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MS is a clinical Dx, so imaging results alone will not tell the whole tale in regards to MS. It's a difficult disease to dx, and there are many other syndromes, diseases that mimic it. So, I hope you are in the care of a good doctor who is willing to work toward identifying the cause of your problems.

Googling results are certainly understandable, but what you learn on the net may not correlate to what is actually going on. Especially where matters of the central nervous system are concerned. Wouldn't want you worrying needlessly :)

Thank you for joining us, and looking forward to hearing how you make out once you follow-up with the ordering doctor.

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Did you have a meeting w your neurologist to go along with that MRI report?  Not sure how people get the reports w/o the meeting with a medical professional to explain them. Just seems somewhat cruel to give you something that says something was found but they don't give you any insight to what it means.

I don't read MRI's (haven't heard of CT scans being used to look for or to help dx MS) so I cannot help you interpret the report. I would suggest you make an appt with your dr and hear the results from him/her.

I agree w Shell, googling results although understandable, not going to give you the answers especially w something so potentially complicated.

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Thank you for your reply.  Yes, I have talked with my PCP in regard to this and I do have an appt scheduled with a neurologist.  
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I was in the same boat. My PCP ordered the MRI, results went back to the PCP, met with him, got the report and was sent to make a Neuro appointment. So I had these results that said "consistant with MS" sitting in front of me...GOOGLE here I come! I don't fault you AT ALL for trying to figure out what the heck this means. These are very unfamiliar words to us and when we know something is not "right" we want and answer and we want it now! Unfortunatly there are many, many for steps to finding any sort of answer.
Try not to worry too much...easier said than done...I know! I agree with sllowe. There are so many reasons for foci to show up on MRI and CT. What was it that made your PCP order these tests?
Good luck in finding the answers with your neurologist. Please stay and keep us posted!
Take care,
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