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Brain MRI results in... symptoms... am I just nuts?

Let me start this post by saying that earlier this year I was diagnosed with a compressed spinal cord and a tumor on my spine that they thinks is most likely benign. I suffered for over 5 years in great pain and had no choice but to go to a doctor about it. However after that diagnosis I still felt like something else wasn't right.

Of course when I ran through the systems to a friend who also has spinal issues the response was "ow that all can happen with spinal issues..." so I went along believing that was the case. However the last few months my symptom (slurred speech, loss of coordination, electrical currents in arms/hands, ST memory, tingling/numbness lower legs etc) were accelerating more aggressively so I cracked and recently went to a neurologist to get answers. He sent me for an MRI (no contrast) and an EEG. Got the MRI results last night online still waiting on the EEG before I can make the follow up appointment. What was on the impression by the radiologist I clearly saw when I checked the disk images the day I got the MRI. No mistake you couldn't miss it.

What I found very upsetting is the neurologist seemed like he thought I was making fluff. Like it was all in my head. Then when I got home and read the script for the MRI and EEG the description said "memory loss and anxiety". I'll admit I lost my top about that description. I felt like he though I was making it all up in my head by writing anxiety. I didn't go to him for anxiety! I went over 5 years in chronic pain taking no meds and never said a word to anyone so why now when I'm seeking help suddenly I'm making it all up?! However I let it go but it's very disappointing!

It's gotten so bad I can't even work (though I still do). What I type isn't what comes up on the screen. It takes me 10 times longer to do my job then it does for anyone else. With that said my job was dissolved so I'm trying to figure out what to do. I've never not worked but I just can't do it anymore.

Sorry for the long post but I guess my question is did any of you run into the situation where you can tell they're not taking what you say seriously? Did you change doctors? Did you notice it affecting your ability to work so much that you had to make that choice of not working?

This is what my impression said below. Can't make the appointment till I have the EEG results. I feel like I'm nuts to think that this all can possibly be MS and the doctor didn't help with that. I feel like we know our bodies better than anyone and I feel like something isn't right. That all this can't just be from my spinal issue. No one wants health problems but there's a big part of me that wants an answer to what's going on. Am I nuts?

1. No acute intracranial abnormality. No acute infarct, mass effect oracute intracranial hemorrhage.

2. White matter changes in the frontoparietal periventricular and deepwhite matter, slightly more than expected for a patient of this age. Thisdistribution can be seen with a demyelinating disorder but is nonspecific and other etiologies are not excluded.

It also had, "Scattered foci of hyperintense signal are seen on T2-weighted and FLAIR sequences in the deep and periventricular frontoparietal white matter; this is a nonspecific finding."

Thank you all for listening. Any personal experiences are greatly appreciated. I know from the research I did that demyelinating disorder is most commonly found in MS but can be in other illnesses such as Lyme.
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Thank you for your post. Actually I don't think I have it I was just stating that this can fall into various possibilities and it most commonly falls under MS however it is seen in Lyme as well.

I'll just wait and see what the neoro says... hate the waiting.
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Sorry you are dealing with all these horrible symptoms

No you are not crazy,  your symptoms are REAL.   Don't let anyone try to tell you that it's in your head or that you are crazy. Your body is trying to tell you something.  

I see you mentioned Lyme disease.  And I agree with you that Lyme disease is very possibly what is causing your symptoms.  I know because I had MS symptoms and wad ignored by neurologists time after time and it turned out to be Lyme disease all along.  Lyme disease is truly debilitating and it's often ignored and overlooked.  I highly suggest you visit the Lyme disease forum here on MedHelp.  It's a great forum!  There are many helpful people on there.  Also research more about Lyme disease and how it's so ignored today and it's become such an epidemic

Good luck and don't give up!
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