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Brain Shaking

Does anyone else have brain shaking with their MS? My daughter was admitted to the hospital with stroke like symptoms March 16th, 2015. They did an MRI and C Scan. She stayed 3 days. She did have a few spots on her MRI. She is weak, lots of pain, foggy, and still has a little problem with speech. She has trouble with her S's words. When she starts to feel worse again; it starts with her brain shaking. she says that it feels like it is shaking in her skull, and then it takes her awhile to get up and move again. She can't drive she feels like her depth perception is weird. She doesn't have insurance, but there is a free clinic here that helps people that fell through the cracks because Florida would not increase Medicaid. The clinic is going to send her for a spinal. She is 46, and this is all new.  Does anyone else have the feel of the brain shaking? Thanks From Yaya
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Hi Yaya - Welcome to the group.

Like JJ, I had a hard time finding anything on brain shaking, or internal skull vibration etc. Some of the other symptoms you decribe are more familiar to me, MS wise speakin'. Weakness and lack of depth perception were parts of my last relapse. I think Weakness, severe weakness is pretty common.

What has been said about "a few spots on her MRI"?

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Hi there,

I'm not exactly sure what she could mean by 'brain shaking', the brain doesn't actually tremor, so it's difficult to come up with what she could be trying to describe, although It's possible her 'perception' of this sensation is the issue because her brain isn't really shaking inside her skull.

I'd never heard of 'brain shaking' and out of curiosity did a quick google search trying to find any similarity to something MS related but I predominantly found 'brain shaking' discussions in mental health related chat sites. I even thought it might be a strange way of describing dizzy but still couldn't find anything.......

Sorry but i honestly doubt 'brain shaking' is related to a neurological condition like MS.

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