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Burning tongue?

Just wondering if any of you have periods where it feels like you have scalded/burned your tongue when you HAVEN'T?

I get this, or have been lately .....
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Hi There

I get this burning tongue feeling all of the time, its terrible.  I also feek like i have been biting the inside of my mouth involuntarily.  I have to be careful what i eat has my tongue and mouth is so sore.  It will go after about a week, but will come back intermittently..

jan xxx
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Thanks for responding Jan .... yes, it is a horrible feeling .... I am the same way - I go for about a week without it and then it comes back. On top of the tongue burning feeling, I'm having horrible times with swallowing and with chewing (stiff, spastic jaw) so the combo of all of the above makes it a challenge for trying to EAT! :o(
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I have something similar to what you describe.  My mouth will be OK for a while, then will get very hot and burning sensation.  I thought maybe it was a certain food, but haven't identified anything yet.  

I have just learned to accept this along with others I don't understand.  I do have problems with large ulcers in my mouth that don't heal---plus my mouth is always dry no matter how much I drink.  

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Yes, I got burning tongue once.  It was a medication that caused it.
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Oh yes, I get this often, Doctor seems to think it is from B12 levels being  very low, however, even after shots for weeks, it still occurs.
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Hi i have had this symptom on and off for at least 2 + years,well  at first it was on and

off but it has been my constant companion for over 9 months now.and can get extremely painfull.

I have mentioned to my doctor (GP) about it but have not got anything for it in the way

of medication maybe he was hoping the meds i take already for nerve pain would help with it but it does not.

I will be watching to see If you get any good advice on how to deal with this issue as i am ready to try anything.

Best Wishes for a speedy recovery from this absolutely Horrible symptom.

((((( Hugs )))))
Julie xx
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Have you had your Vitamin B12 tested? Red sore tongue is a common symptomswith B12 deficiency.
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I'm pretty sure I was tested for that, but I will have them check my Vit. B12 again!! Thanks!

Julie - will let you know what they say for treatment/what is causing it.... do you have MS and did the docs think this burning tongue sensation was from MS?
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