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CO2 carbon monoxide poisoning

Does anyone know about chronic low exposure to C02 (over 8 years)?  Is it possible to get brain damage that looks similar to MS?  Mostly white matter lesions and lesions throughout the blood flow of the brain (brainstem, cortical areas, and ventricles)?  Could it cause damage that would lead to adult-onset epilepsy? And lastly, would this cause your body to produce more red blood cells that were out of normal range?  Thank you all for your time and help.  Many blessings
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Oh but these are medical questions for sure and we are all just MS patients, most diagnosed, some now, and all going thru different experiences.  

I personally think you should present these to a neurologist, not knowing who ordered your MRI (it appears you have had one) if it was your primary, then he/she would be the person to send you to the next level.

I hope you find answers to your questions!
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Thank you so much for your reply. I've asked several doctors but they oddly don't know much about the subject.  I did find this website that touched on it more. http://www.coheadquarters.com/codamage1.htm.

I've been taken off all medications except vyvanse (waiting to see doctor to ask to stop taking) and I'm currently waiting for another MRI in December to see any change in my lesions.  We were told my symptoms would stop slowly on there own or worsen.  They said I could have had something they missed and my body would heal itself slowly or I could have MS or some other related illness that more lesions or events will come to give an easier diagnosis. Thanks again!  God bless you
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Finally getting closer to some answers. My blood is "thick" and I have a history of low blood pressure and I've recently been diagnosed with Raynauds Syndrome.  With these three factors (plus others) I have been diagnosed with non-epileptic psychologic seizures. They reduce blood flow to my brain thus  starving oxygen to it as well, so with any significant amount of carbon monoxide it would add another element to cause even less oxygen to to brain. Sometimes I had to operate heavy equipment at higher altitudes and this too caused an array of symptoms.  I have been placed on blood thinners, told to keep body temp cool, stay clear from heat sources, keep hydrated,  rise slowly from seated position, not to stand or sit for long periods of time, steer away from higher altitudes and  any source of carbon monoxide releases.  Brain lesions are still believed as a cause of silent migraines.  I hope my experience can help others. Thanks again SarahL2491!  God bless
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Raynauds Syndrome shares symptoms with MS. Sounds like you have  complicated case. It most of taken some time to figure out what was going on. If you want to you can stick with the group. Many people come to the forum for MS and are diagnosed with something else.

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I'm dx with MS earlier this year but also have Reynauds, low blood pressure and degenerative discs plus possible EDS (unconfirmed).

So, yep can have more than one untreatable thing at once 'rolls eyes'.

Hey ho, you live with the hand you have and count your blessings it's nothing worse. That's my philosophy anyway.


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Me and my daughter  had suffered from chronic carbon monoxide poisoning  for 11 years.
The best treatment is oxygen therapy. The symptoms continue for several years after the exposure. There are no specialists for CO poisoning  in the UK
All patients are misdiagnosed and ridiculed by GPs (that have no CO poisoning training)  and suffer in isolation.
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