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CPK levels of 28,000

My fiancee was admitted to the hospital from working out, his CPK levels were 25,000, the next day it was 28, 000, then lowered to 23,000. What do we do they discharged him without any answers and his arm is still bad.
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Does your fiancee have MS or is he being worked up for MS? This doesn't sound like it is directly related to MS.

If he does have MS, then a few more details might be helpful for us to help you.

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CPK is Creatinine Phospho-Kinase -  There are 3 common fractions. BB band which are considered Brain Bands.  MB bands which are Cardiac Bands and MM bands which are muscle bands.  Weight lifters or people with rhabdomyolysis can knock the MM bands way out of whack.  Muscle breakdown will throw the MM band quite high.

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Bob is right but, the message is incomplete.  Rhabdomyolysis (the wholesale breakdown of muscle either locally or diffusely throughout the body) is very dangerous.  One it indicates that something dreadful is happening to destroy muscle.

There is an entity and we, in Oregon just had a whole slew (like 50) cases of it from too much exertion during a football practice and maybe also due to a "muscle building: sports drink.  Anyway they all suffered from a condition known as Triceps Compartment Syndrome.  When severe this requires surgery to release the pressure with the muscle compartment.

So if your boyfriends arms is "still bad" he should be following up with an orthopedist to make sure the muscle affected is not continuing to die.  Yes, this condition, when very severe and untreated, can let an entire major muscle group die and leave a limb weak and unusable.

Now, the other major problem with rhabdomyolysis is that the muscles release the red oxugen-carrying pigment called "myoglobin"  the muscles equivalent of  hemoglobin in the blood.  The bloodstream carries the released myoglobin to the kidneys, and it can damage the kidneys causing acute renal failure.  I have seen this, folks!

So your boyfriend also needs to make sure that someone checks his kidneys.  they need to reassess his arm daily until it is obvious that it is truly improving.  If his hands or fingers are blue or dusky (purplish) or if the feeling in his hand or fingers is poor, or if the pain in his arm stays high without improving or gets worse, he must be seen immediately.  It is a medical emergency.

I hope this helps, but also know that this is a Multiple sclerosis forum and we are not sports injury specialists.

Quix, MD
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