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Calf tightness/spasticity

Hi everyone, I have had what seems to be permanent tightness in both calves (although one is usually tighter than the other, but that alternates between legs). Combined with my hyper-reflexia, I assume this is spasticity.

I have tried extra stretching and have had calf-focused massages about 35 times in the last 7 months with no relief. I was actually on Baclofen (only 20 mg at night) when the tightness was noted last July but have since gone off of it because there are no spasms and the only way it could help the tightness (so I was told) was if I took larger doses more than once a day and that is not possible while I am working/driving. I have also recently purchased an incline board from my physiatrist's rehab clinic and have it set to stretch the crap out of my calves a couple of times a day too.

I have decided to stop the frequency of my massages because the number of medical appointments that I have is wreaking havoc on my work day commitments and the tightness is always present to the point that the massage therapist actually notices the muscles almost pushing her fingers off despite her putting her full weight behind them (although she is a tiny young lady LOL) . I am crossing my fingers that the tightness won't get worse but am wondering if there is anything that I should be looking out for that may show the tightness is increasing. Since I rarely notice the tightness that I do have now, I am concerned that it may get worse without me being aware of it.

I also had a last ditch attempt of drinking Gatorade once a day to see if maybe I had an electrolyte imbalance, but as far as Hail Mary's go, it was a dud.

I am open to any suggestions to help with the tightness and/or what I should look out for with respect to worsening tightness (or maybe it isn't possible to worsen?). Sigh. Too much in my brain today. Thanks folks!

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I would talk to your doctor about baclofen through out the day. You get used to it. Or try Zanaflex which I take around the clock.
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Thanks Alex!! No one had mentioned Zanaflex and I was wondering if you got used to the Baclofen. I don't normally get too sleepy on meds that cause drowsiness so I thought it was worth a shot.  

The 20 mg dose of Baclofen I was on never seemed to affect me and I can take Gravol or Benadryl and not feel any different at all.

I will bring it up at my next appointment.

Hope you're doing well,

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Hi Corrie!

I am so sorry to read you are still dealing with this :( Ugh. I had a slight version of that awhile ago. It pretty much cleared after that low dose of steroids that I took (oral, 2 packs simultaneously). Possible mine was caused by my foot troubles though...

I hope you can find something to help!

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Thanks! The physiatrist has been noting it since last July and while it doesn't hurt, it doesn't seem to go away even after a massage there is some tightness.

It's more frustrating than anything so I'm just trying to figure out how best to live with it since it appears to be sticking around. I thought it would be like my bicep spasticity a couple of years ago. That only lasted about 6 months at a time and only in cooler weather.

Glad to not have both at the same time though.  LOL

Hope things get better for you too!

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