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Can Ibuprofen help with MS symptoms?

I know that some of you may take ibuprofen when taking a DMD to help with the flu like side effects - but what I am wondering is for those who are undiagnosed or not taking a DMD - can ibuprofen help with symptoms?  I stay away from ibuprofen because of my acid reflux - but have taken it a few times when tylenol just doesn't seem to help my headaches.  I have noticed that the ibuprofen helps.  

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that's a good question . ... my first reaction was to say no but I think that may be wrong.  I'm not sure how NASID's work on pain that is neuropathic.  Maybe one of our smart science people here can help explain how it does or doesn't work.

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With your acid reflus (which I have also) please be careful taking over the counter NSAID'S.  I guess you already know that.  I have found that the best thing for a headache that really seems to work is Excedrin.  Of course it has aspirin and tylenol in it, so again you have to be careful of the asprin and your stomach.  If you only having occasional headaches, this might be safe for you to take, especially is you already take a medication for your acid reflux.

Most of the pain relieving drugs over the counter are for mild to moderate pain.  In fact they barely touch moderate pain. If you are having great pain issues that over the counter medications are not helping with, you need to speak with your doctor.  There is help available, but you need to work with your doctor, especially because of your stomach problems.

As Lulu said, since the NSAID'S are anti-inflammatory pain relievers, I do not think they will help with neuropathic pain.  Most drugs used for neuropathic pain  are by prescription.  That's where the help of your doctor comes in.  

I hope you start feeling better, when you can get on the right kind of medication.  Remind the doctor of your stomach problems.  Some doctor's don't flip back through our charts to see things we have complained about in the past.  I take Prilosec for the acid reflux by the way.  I've been on something for my stomach for over 20 years.

Feel better soon and keep us updated, will you?

All the Best,
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Thank you for your advice - maybe I will try Excedrin and see if that works. I think that the headaches that I get are neuropathic in nature - they are unlike any headache I have ever had.  Very hard to describe the way they feel - since they are so different.  I came to the conclusion that they might be neuropathic because when I was trying to take the Gabapentin, they got better.  Now that could be a coincidence, but since I stopped taking the gabapentin, the headaches are back...

I am currently waiting to get in to see an MS neurologist and will definitely bring all of this to her attention.

I take Prilosec too - twice a day and will probably be on it forever.

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