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Can a MS symptom feel like you're having a heart attack?

After cooling off from being outside, I started feeling a crushing sensation in the middle of my back, underneath my left shoulder blade, and later in my chest.  Then the ol' esophageal spasm started up (that's what it felt like) which made the pain radiate up through my throat.  It hurt to breathe and I thought I was having a heart attack.  

I seriously considered going to the ER, but didn't--I've been there and done that before with similar pains.  One time I was given a psychiatric referral.  Right now, I'm doing fine with no pain at all.  

I was diagnosed with MS in February and I'm on Copaxone.  My question is, can MS give this symptom?  

Thanks for your help.
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I've had variations of that pain, that my PCP originally diagnosed as esophageal spasm.  At first I was afraid I was having a heart attack, as my hubby had just been in the hospital for a stent at age 35!  It took them a while to figure that one out, because he's way too young for that sort of thing.

So we decided that it was esophageal spasm, brought on by acid reflux.  Later, after I was diagnosed, I figured it was a variant of the MS Hug.  Sometimes the pain will travel along my rib cage, and sometimes it'll be in my back.
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I am sure that was a scary feeling. I am glad that you are okay. I have found that anymore I do not guess. If I feel something differnt or out of sorts I see the doctor or at least call his service if after hours. Heat has been high here in GA this past week as well. I am doing my best to stay out of it.
  Take care of yourself, God bless,
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Typo....Women present different symptoms of heart attacks then most MEN do...sorry about that...brain fart
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I had had the MS Hug many, many times and the esophageal spasms.  The MS hug just made me feel like a couldn't take in a deep breath.  Like someone was squeezing me around the rib cage.  But never anything like you have described.

The esophageal spasms feels like a sharp pain going from my throat down mid-way into my chest.  It's extremely painful.  I notice it more when I gulp ice-cold liquids.  It can feel like a heart attack, except heart attacks "usually" present with crushing pain, squeezing.  Women present different symptoms of heart attacks then most woman do.  

So to err on the side of caution, you are right in contacting your doctor.  Better safe than sorry.

Keep us informed, okay?

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I will be calling my doctor.  

I was actually working out in the yard (second time this year--the year before that zero times) just before this happened, and I was really overheated.  The temperatures here in Texas were probably in the 90's.  

I've never had, at least I don't think, the MS hug.  Could this be the MS hug?  I'm wondering if the MS hug hurts like that . . .

I'm pretty sure I was having an esophageal spasm, because the pain was going right up through my throat, but I've never felt this intesity of pain in my chest . . . That's why I'm wondering about the MS hug at the same time.

I'll be calling my doctor, though, to be sure I'm okay.

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Interesting you should talk about MI's.  My 38 female friend had a heart attack and really had a hard time convincing ER staff that she was indeed having a heart attack.  Just because she was young and female.  She wound up having open heart surgery with a quad bypass, so NEVER take chest pain for anything like indegestion or a muscle strain, it COULD BE a heart attack.

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Anytime you feel compelled to describe a chest pain as "crushing" it is only prudent to go to the ER.  I have pain like that that I know is esphageal spasm, but young women can and do have MIs.

Next time go to the ER.  This time calle the docotr on call for your PCP and tell him/her.

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