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Can anxiety cause MS Symptoms. REALY SCARED

hi !
I am 15 and have a problem. My grandfather had MS
I am anxious of getting MS, i have some symptoms.

1. I experience tickling/discomfort in my toe, the paresthesia is only on the toe or on my hand fingers(it isnt moving, it just like something just slightly tuched or burned my skin).
2. My feet are really cold
3. I get muscle cramps every so often. Not on a regular basis.

Otherwise I am healthy...No diabetes...I suffer from anxiety
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Because your grandfather had MS, you're more aware of what to look for in terms of symptoms, but statistically your odds of having MS are not much greater than that of your neighbor whose grandfather didn't have MS. So keep an open mind to the possibility that your symptoms could be something else.

If (I emphasize IF) you have MS, be reassured that there are many tools at your disposal designed to slow the progression, and there are others to manage symptoms that weren't available to your grandfather 30, 15, even 5 years ago. About a half-dozen disease-modifying drugs are available now, with more in development stages for release in the next couple of years, and when you attack the disease early your odds of keeping it under control increase substantially. Thanks to these tools, I'm just as healthy as I was at diagnosis.

You also have the luxury of this and a dozen other internet sites where you can read about others' experiences and ask questions. I didn't have that even nine years ago at the time of my diagnosis. Just be careful not to believe everything you read in this forum or elsewhere on the internet, if people aren't citing authoritative sources or their own personal experiences.

"Otherwise I am healthy," you wrote. Take the steps you need to stay that way (diet, exercise, no smoking, etc.) and it will contribute to your fight against MS or whatever might be ailing you.
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Could these symptoms be anxiety induced....as i had the same symptoms of diabetes(because i am a severe hypochondriac) and i did not have it(i checked the BS)
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Magnesium deficiency symptoms include anxiety, pins and needles, numbness, cold feet, muscle cramps.
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