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Can i do anything?sun and buses dont mix

Nearly ran into a bus trying to cross the carpark to the taxi rank yesterday cause of one of those ever present heat things.vision went blurred overheated and mind fog resulting in not being able to walk in a straight line..this cant keep happening i do not wish to be road fodder because the hot sun wants to treat me like a flippin ping pong ball !!

This time i was just lucky cause i was headed to the hospital for scans which is air con.

I'm being investigated as we speak but in the meantime these stupid heat episodes keep happening ,what can i do to minimise these episodes whether they find answer or not?do i go back to my gp while i wait for results and see if he can do something ?or at home is there something i can use?

Help I hate this!!

Any suggestions?

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As an Australian, I am at a total loss to understand how you could be presuming what you experienced is related to the "hot sun"?

Unlike the community members in the US and other countries over the other side of the world, Australia is currently in 'winter'......we are still dealing with our colder temperatures even when the sun shines, we haven't even begun to experience our typical warmer spring temperatures yet!  

You've acknowledged you've been experiencing these types of episodes since you were a very young child, these episodes you've been having for most of your life, actually predate by decades any clinical or test evidence that 'could of been' suggestive of a neurological condition like MS, MS Uhthoff's (Heat Intolerance) would be a highly unlikely explanation simply because of the way MS symptoms present and or MS typically develops.

From my perspective, it seems unreasonable for these episodes to have any connection to hot sun or heat from the weather, when we haven't even started the warmer/hotter seasons in Australia yet, I genuinely don't see how the MS Uhthoff's tips and tricks for reducing heat exposure would be of any real help in your situation.

The only thoughts I have are that bright sunlight can induce migraines (eg silent migraines), bright lights, loud sounds, unusual or strong smells etc can also be a triggers for various types of migraines. Migraine can actually cause what you've described happens to you all these years, and may be that is a more reasonable explanation for it's historical presentation too, you could try wearing 'polarised sunglasses' to see if reducing sun glare is of any help in minimising these types of episodes.  



PS sorry but i'm currently unavailable, this is my first post in 10 days and i'm not sure when or if i'll be up to posting again    
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I dont care whether they are uthoffs or not ,i dont care what they are called, I post in this part of the forum cause i dont know where else to post.

When they give me an answer as to what's wrong with me i will post elsewhere.

I agree yesterday was not that hot if you were sitting still and not wandering about, but was awfully exhausted too after nerve study evp etc and a full day on various forms of  public transport so who knows.

I like the sunglasses idea ty i dont wear sunglasses ..never heard of silent migraines but hey if it helps

You guys deal with heat issues im asking who to talk to and if cold washers help or whatever around the house?...these are heat related of that im sure cause i know how my body feels when i have one and i was headed to air con and the aircon helped,as does drinking cold water a litte but would like to do things to help them not to happen first place
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Supermom I am not sure why you haven't been around but I reall tuly hope you are feeling alright! I will be thinking oof you xo

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I drink a cold drink.I get a scarf wet, put in the freezer and put it around my neck on hot day. There are cooling vests.

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cool ty alex helpful cold drinks help a bit it seems
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do the cooling vests help? are they expensive..im in atralia so may be cheaper other places?
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