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Can you have vertigo with feeling dizzy all the time?

With all the problems my eyes have been giving me, I starting thinking maybe it's not my eyes. Maybe it is the vertigo coming back? My neuro checked my eyes just last week and said they were fine.

Since then my eyes are "off" feeling. I had flashes of light in my peripheral vision for 3 days. Now since yesterday my eyes are like....ok, the best way I can describe it is the way your eyes feel if you are super tired and are trying to read when you lose focus a lot.

When I had vertigo in April it was an all the time spinning feeling, no matter if I sat perfectly still I would feel like I was slowing spinning to the right.

Now, I'm not feeling dizzy, but my head feels "fuzzy". It's like I'm dizzy but without the spinning feeling. If I turn my head or look up/down I'll feel dizzy for a few seconds. If I move too fast I'll feel dizzy. If I watch something on tv with movement or scroll the computer page too fast I'll get dizzy. The worst thing is my almost 16-month-old just discovered the joys of spinning in circles, and I cant watch her do that (or even walk in a circle) because I get dizzy and feel like I'm going to tip over.

I also think my depth perception might be off if I move my head. Yesterday, the baby was at the kitchen gate when I was in the kitchen, and I leaned over the gate to give her a kiss and completely missed her but knocked my chin on the top of the gate, as just one example.

I've had to tell my kids that if they are talking to me they have to stand still because if they move around too much while I'm looking at them it makes me dizzy.

So, in conclusion (LOL), I'm not feeling constant dizziness like I was when I had the vertigo, but any movement I make or see will cause me to feel dizzy.

Could my eyes be fine, but feeling weird because they are trying to compensate for something my brain is doing and they are just tired?

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i have the same problem, if I look up I get dizzy it things are moving around me to much I get dizzy. I can't look at certain pictures with lots of crazy colors and designs because I get dizzy.

Heck I was driving down the road one time and the road was lined with lots of trees and the sun was shining making shadows on the road but it was like a shadow, sun, shadow, sun and so on. That made me dizzy I had to slow down to a near stop until I got through it.

I understand completly what you are going through but I have no answer for you. Sorry I can't help but just wanted to let you know that I am in the same situation so you aren't alone.

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Yes that is still what I call vertigo. It is spinning inside the head instead of the room spinning. It kind of gives you a fogyy feeling all the time but sudden movements with you or with others can cause you to lose your balance.

be especially careful drivng and bending to pick up your kids. Try squating (if you can) keeping your head looking forward. This will help. Learn to walk on the balls of your feet and do not depend so much on the heels.

Have your husband throw a tennis ball to you from chair to chair straight for a few days and then side to side for a while. It will help train you to adjust to the vertigo, it wont go away it will just help.


love and prayers,

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yikes, that sounds a lot like what i feel right now too!

dizziness whenever i get up, look up, especially turning over in bed and worse in morn...however, even if i sit perfectly still i feel "off" as well...ringing/pressure in my rt. ear and almost dizzy w/o the spinning--just as you described.

if it helps to know, my doc. just diagnosed me with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV).  she gave me some exercises to do that apparently help our brains to get used to the vertigo (biologically it's more complex than that..but to be brief!)--just like what missy mentioned with the tennis ball.

good luck to you--i have two small kiddies too and feel for you and how hard the days are!

if you need to commiserate with anyone, feel free to lean on me!!

xo -hope you feel better soon...
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Thank you so much guys!!

I have an appointment set for Monday at noon. That actually works out well, because DH has the day off of work since we are camping this weekend and coming home monday. We are only going to be a bit less then 2 hours from home, so if we leave the campground by 10 we will get to the appointment in plenty of time. The only stinky part is our camping trip is at an amusement park and I don't think I'll be up to doing the rides this time :-(

Thanks for helping, Paula & Missy!
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I hope you feel better soon too! I will try the tennis ball exercise you & Missy mentioned. I have been very lucky that my oldest (he is 12) adores his baby sister and he has been helping me with carrying her this summer. She has him wrapped around her little finger LOL If she fusses just the tiniest bit he will rush over and pick her up. She is going to miss him next month when he goes to school and she is left with mean old Mama who doesn't spoil her so much :-)

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yes, I have weeks when I feel exactly like you describe and I do have spells every few days that are like "Drop Attacks" .. when I can't move my head or I fall over and they last 10 - 15 min??  

take care
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We've had several members on the forum suffer from this. Quix has always said it would be hard for them to stand next to a busy street. It is a form of vertigo.

It can be caused from damage from the pons region of the brainstem where the acoustic cranial nerve (CN VIII). Vertigo can also be caused by lesions in the cerebellum. Other forms of dizziness, that are not described as vertigo, are also often associated with MS and usually involve dysfunction of the eyes muscles implying damage to cranial nerves III, IV and VI.

I've read that vertigo usually remits within a few weeks, but you can be left with residue chronic dizzy sensation and a pronounced susceptibility to travel sickness.

I hope you start to feel better..Watch your head when bending down to give kisses. LOL
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I suffer from photosensitivity unrelated to my neuropathy.  I essentially get vertigo often (take dramamine if you can) and will get migraines with any type of contrasting light change (this can be a strobe light or even going from inside to outside, natural to artificial, turning on a light in a dark room, etc.).  To cope, I sometimes have to wear sunglasses at odd times or places (inside or at night, even) to counter-act the change in light.

Just something to think about, I guess.  Good luck.  :)
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Just a small update:  

Last night the dizziness when from just when I watched something move to all the time. I'm assuming the vertigo I had in April is back.

So, the bad news is: this totally screws up my schedule!! We are camping and my plan was to take DH to work, the kids & I would go get the groceries we need, and then pack up the car, then pick DH up from work and head to the campground. Now I don't trust myself to drive so DH will have to come all the way home (40 minutes) and then we load up the van & go, so we will not be getting to the campsite until close to 9pm :-( Luckily my family is going to be there, so they will take the kids to the amusement park while DH & I go get the groceries tomorrow morning. The other bad news is I have a feeling that most likely when I see my neuro on Monday he will want to give me solu-medrol. It made the vertigo go away last time and as much as I hate the thought of steroids again...I need this to go away!

Of course, the good news is: maybe this flare up is enough of what my neuro is looking for to try to fight for another MRI sooner, or maybe even make the diagnosis and start DMDs??? And, the other good news: since I will be home all day today, this gives me time to make the black bean brownies I've been hoping to try soon. Brownies that will fit into dieting guidelines? Does it get much better than that?? :-P

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I'll update Monday night on how I do over the weekend and what my doctor says.

~Jess--who is really hoping not to tip herself into the campfire :-)

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Hi Jess,

may have missed you, you have most likely left already.

An attack of vertigo that sent me to the ER  like 7 yrs ago began this whole adventure..I was down in bed for a long time and then I could get up and hold on to things in order to get around.

But it left me dizzy 24/7 , still dizzy but now it changes from mild to sometimes worse, depends on how tired I am.   But i have often thought recently that its mostly in my head.
And other times I will be dizzy and fall around..

hope you have OR had fun camping...

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