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Can't ride a bike

Hi everyone I'm not sure if this is the right place , but I'll ask in hopes someone can help .  Recently my husband and I were going on a bike ride.  I hadn't been in over a year, but I could not lift my leg high enoug to get it over the bike.  An there was no way I could push off to give myself some momentum.  It's also been extremely hard to lose weight, and way to easy to gain.  I ado have some swelling in feet and hands with some redness. But, I have been gardening a lot including pruning and weeding.  I'm 53 yrs old woman if that heels. Looking forward to any suggestions or advice. Thanks so much.
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My ability to exercise waxes and wanes with symptoms. For weight loss I find focusing on diet is most helpful. Elimininating sugar and processed/fast food, minimizing grains, eating lots of low glycemic vegetables and lean protein, keeping calories down is most effective for me.

Have you considered physio to address your physical limitations?
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I am not sure what forum you are shooting for. This is MS. What you describe seems like it has other causes than MS.  Swelling and redness are not MS.
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Hi and welcome but i do think this isn't related to MS, you'd probably get more responses from places like the weight related forums, women's health etc

Your of the age group where you start to notice more the affects of muscle disuse, working on your weight and fitness levels is suppose to help but to exercise the muscle groups for bike riding, you might consider starting off using a stationary exercise bike before you get back on your bike.

Oh, If you have put the weight on since you last rode a bike, there could actually be a learning or i should say re-learning curve of your bodies physical strength, coordination, balance, weight distribution etc. it was just a though to keep in mind, because it made me think of my son's difficulty wakeboarding after a huge growth spurt between seasons, took him awhile to work out how to use his new body even though he's been wakeboarding since he was little.    

Hope that helps.......JJ
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