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Caring Husband

I have been a little down lately. Tonight my husband insisted we go get llama poop from a friends farm. This was reasonalbe since we are working on our garden. I was puzzled why so late, and why had to take a shower to shovel llama poop. We got there and I thought all these cars she must be having the family Sunday dinner. I said lets not go up to the house at all.

Boy was I surprised when all my friends were there and yelled surprised. I truly was. No one has ever thrown me a surprise birthday. My husband coordinated it all for weeks. Even with a friend who was out of the country. I told him he was a real mensch. He thought this is a put down. I said no it means a real great guy.

It is nice to have a great guy by my side.

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That is the single best excuse for getting someone going I have ever heard!

Happy Birthday!

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   Wow! You have an awesome hubby. Your right, it is GREAT when you have a
significant other by your side who will always be there....Good times, bad times,
through the ups and downs.

    Happy Birthday Alex. I hope you had a marvelous time.
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Happy Birthday !!!!!

What a great husband you have...:)

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Happy happy birthday Alex.  I'm too pooped from being up this late to compose a limerick for you right now - perhaps tomorrow I sneak one in some how.   How considerate of your hubby and friends to throw a shindig in your honor.

Did you remember to bring home the llama poop, too?  LOL

Happy birthday.  

lots of hugs, L
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Wow !!!! That was "some" POOP!!!!

Happy Birthday!!  : )
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It's amazing what llama poop can do to lift a girl's spirits.  If you'd like, I can go out to the barn and get some horse poop to send your way.  I'd even put a nice ribbon on the box being as it's your birthday and all.

Happy Birthday Alex!  

Good Guy Award goes to hubby.  Glad to see he's taking care of you.

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Happy Birthday.  You have a caring and creative guy by your side.  :-)
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I hope you had a wonderful birthday! You have an amazing husband. I'm glad you have each other.

Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday Alex!!! What a fantastic surprise from Mike!! I am so impressed with all that he did for you and the support he has shown you. He's a keeper!!

I hope the rest of your day was great and the party was wonderful!

Sending birthday wishes and cyber balloons,

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I read this line about 6 times ' Tonight my husband insisted we go get llama poop from a friends farm', thought it might be yiddish, spelling issue, even wondered if it was a pets name i'd forgotten, soon gave up trying to work out what was already very clear in black and white, it was just so off the wall, my brain couldnt grasp it.lol

Hip Hip Hurray! Happy Birthday!!! What a wonderful man you have by your side, ohhh you should bottle him, you'd make millions, what a sweetie.

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hahahaha...love it... hope you had a wonderful Happy Birthday... tha'ts great

take care and Happy birthday
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that's lovely, the best pick me up ever!

take care Birthday Girl

Val x
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We have been talking all week and I had no idea it was your birthday!  Wow what an amazing guy and a lovely surprise.

If my hubby said lets go and get some Lama poop for our garden, I would prob not want to go, what an amazing story to get you there.
I like happy endings.

Happy Birthday.

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A great story and a great husband. I'll never think of llama poop in the same way (not that I've ever thought of it at all)!

Happy birthday!

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  Happy Birthday! I'm so happy for you coming out of the funck and having not just your first surprise birthday but the love and effort that hubby put in to making it happen for you has to be a huge warm fuzzy!

  Llama poop too that's great, LOL.

Talk to you soon - take care

Erin :)
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>insisted we go get llama poop

that is an absolute first for me hearing that!

>It is nice to have a great guy by my side.

nice!? you have something more than nice by your side, just maybe one of the fortunate ones to have found their soul mate & best friend. but i think you already knew that.

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I loved your story! Just to say a belated Happy Birthday..is it actually on 18th April..if so this is also my birthday so I thought I would just say Hi from England.

Love Sarah x
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What a fantastically fun story!  Happy Birthday, give an extra hug to your hubby!  What a guy!

So glad you had a great 1st time surprise party. My love and hugs to you...

Happy Birthday again!!

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God bless you and your hubby, Polly, and whoever else forms your home!
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   Way 2  go  girl!!   yeh   you have a great  one!!     HAPPY- BIRTHDAY- A little late!
and  may the   -poop-  be  with you!!   lol!!

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Wow, what a guy!  Happy Birthday, Alex!  And for those of us in the know, I'd give anything for some llama poop from animals that weren't fed weird stuff!
Hang onto Mike-you two sound perfect for each other!
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What timing this was!

Happy, Happy Birthday to you, Alex!

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how sweet!!

Happy Birthday too!!
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Wow!! What a beautiful magical thing your husband did for you, when I read your post I felt so happy.

It just shows how loving & caring your husband is & the best pick me up medicine you could ever ask for.

Happy Birthday Darling.......Sorry it's slightly late

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