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Caring Husband

I have been a little down lately. Tonight my husband insisted we go get llama poop from a friends farm. This was reasonalbe since we are working on our garden. I was puzzled why so late, and why had to take a shower to shovel llama poop. We got there and I thought all these cars she must be having the family Sunday dinner. I said lets not go up to the house at all.

Boy was I surprised when all my friends were there and yelled surprised. I truly was. No one has ever thrown me a surprise birthday. My husband coordinated it all for weeks. Even with a friend who was out of the country. I told him he was a real mensch. He thought this is a put down. I said no it means a real great guy.

It is nice to have a great guy by my side.

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Happy Birthday.  You have a caring and creative guy by your side.  :-)
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I hope you had a wonderful birthday! You have an amazing husband. I'm glad you have each other.

Happy birthday!

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Happy Birthday Alex!!! What a fantastic surprise from Mike!! I am so impressed with all that he did for you and the support he has shown you. He's a keeper!!

I hope the rest of your day was great and the party was wonderful!

Sending birthday wishes and cyber balloons,

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I read this line about 6 times ' Tonight my husband insisted we go get llama poop from a friends farm', thought it might be yiddish, spelling issue, even wondered if it was a pets name i'd forgotten, soon gave up trying to work out what was already very clear in black and white, it was just so off the wall, my brain couldnt grasp it.lol

Hip Hip Hurray! Happy Birthday!!! What a wonderful man you have by your side, ohhh you should bottle him, you'd make millions, what a sweetie.

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hahahaha...love it... hope you had a wonderful Happy Birthday... tha'ts great

take care and Happy birthday
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that's lovely, the best pick me up ever!

take care Birthday Girl

Val x
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