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I'm looking for a little help researching anaphylaxis reaction with recombinant interferon beta 1a.  I don't need the amount of cases in the reporting or if it has happened.  I'm more-so seeking clinical/scientific case reports that discuss various testing mechanisms when hypersensitive or anaphylaxis reactions were though to be cause by the interferon.

Reason I'm asking is because my allergist has been doing some digging in order to develop a type of protocol to perform the challenge on me.  She has not received any guidance from the company. She has asked me if I could get the 44 mgs and they would inject it under the skin, but they would also use some other solution I think, but am not sure exactly how they are going to do it and don't know enough about this type of testing and false positive results, etc.

I'm excited that there is a possible plan that may tell the tale of what med caused my reaction, but am also concerned that she was only able to find 2 articles.  Good thing is the articles are ref. 2 people who did develop a reaction after 6 months. One was skin necrosis, the other anaphylaxis. I told her I would send anything I find to supplement her efforts.

My time to dig is limited as is probably the case for most of you too, but thinking if even a couple of us can hit the literature in the field, we may come up with something additional to send her.

Some of the words I've played around with for searches are: Rebif, interferon mediated reaction, anaphylacod reaction rebif, recombinant interferon beta, IFN

I know case studies are the way to go for this. As some of them may, I pray, may discuss skin testing of different preparations or components of preparations.

Please tell me if I've not described what I'm looking for very well.  Been crazy busy these days to say the least.

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I don't have any information for you, but I will be very interested to see what you find and what eventually happens with you.  I've probably told you this, but my sister had what her neuro said was an allergic reaction to her Rebif.  She developed an all-over itchy skin rash that hurt like the dickens.  Her doctor pulled her off Rebif because of this reaction and aggressive disease course and started her on Tysabri.  

Just after starting Tysabri, her rash that she had for a couple of months, disappeared.  The dermatologist, that she saw prior to starting the Tysabri and before she saw the neuro, said it looked like an autoimmune skin disease, but didn't run any skin tests or allergy tests.  She rubbed a steroid cream on her rash, which didn't do much.  However, it's funny how the rash almost immediately disappeared after starting Tysabri.  

Please tell us what you find out!  I have a friend being treated for an autoimmune skin disease that's on Avonex.

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Thanks Doni!

Like looking for needle in a haystack!

fyi - Still no-word, but have gotten the beatings down to a minimum today..lol...

Love ya,
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Wow, can't find anything yet, I'll keep looking for you.  Just gives definitions but no clinical studies.

Have a good day, my friend.

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oooops, spelled word wrong above, should say anaphylaxis, not anaphylacod (that sounds like a mutant fish of sorts...lol)
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