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Hello Everyone,

There are many days where I feel great and like I can conquer the world. Than a new sx or old starts up. No wonder they say people with MS have depression. Not only do the Dr's make it difficult so does the disease by making you feel good one day and bad the next. Grrrr

Anyways the past few days have been weird. I used to get the electrical shocking/jabbing pain in hands and feet. It has since tapered off, but its left my hands numb and my feet have lost some feeling. I am now getting the pains in my knees, they have brought me to tears. Now I have the tingling in my knees and I am getting worried, could I be losing my knees too? I am beginning to get scared and afraid.

Sometimes I am overwhelmed with the medical system and feel its the end of the world, and damn it why must I go through this, than other times its like to hell with medicine, live life to the fullest, enjoy it while I can. Its frustrating and I'm sure I am not alone.

Thanks in advance!
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Hi, I can surely relate to the frustration of not knowing how you will feel every morning when you awaken.  It does s*cketh majorly!  I also have asked and still ask why it happened to me, but that hasn't been a useful way for me to look at it.  What is, is.

The depression is not only caused by all the uncertainly and the frustration that you talk about, but it is also produced by the disease itself - whether or not you are frustrated.  So that is certainly a double whammy.

I wish any of us could tell you what the new pain and tingling in your knees means.  Certainly you have seen other symptoms improve, so we can hope this will eventually improve, too.  Have you talked to the neurologist about the new symptoms?  Most of them really do want to know about new symptoms.  Also, you may need something for pain relief and for paresthesias.

I'll be thinking about you and hoping things ease up.  And we can all pray that eventually we will find doctors who do not make life even more difficult for us.

((((HUGS)))) above the knees only!

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somedays I wake up and feel so good that I think I'm all better, Give me half an hour and the story changes... somedays you just don't want to get out of bed.

your not alone here honey... and you are not crazy with this...hehehe

I have times when I feel better then new symptoms pop up and old ones will return and it''s like they are just reminding me that there is a problem.

let you Dr know of changes...keep a list if you dont see him right away... that way you will remember...or at least have it down...I forget things quickly...

take care
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