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Cold Sores and MS...Anyone Know about this?

I have a very painful cold sore on the side of my lip.  It hurts.  It's not that big, but its noticeable. And I have NEVER had a cold sore in my life before this.  

Has this happen to any of you guys?  

I've been through a lot lately with the flare-up, IV Steroids am just finishing the prednisone taper plus getting sick with a virus, but come on, now a cold sore?  Oh, did I mention it hurts too!  Oy!  I"ll stop my complaining.  Thanks.

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Hi Julie,

I'm not sure, but I don't think cold sores have anything to do with MS.  Sounds like you've been going through it though.  The virus could have messed up your system enough to have caused the cold sore.

I've been lucky, I've never had one but my daughter gets them sometimes and she just hates it!!

I hope it goes away soon and that things will level out some for you, sounds like you need a good break.

Take care,
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Cold sores are caused by the herpes virus; I believe it can lie dormant in your body.

Steroids suppress your immune system, which can cause a flare of the herpes virus,  that sits on your nerve endings.

I know this because I have something much like a cold sore that I get on the left side of my face, just a different form of the virus.  It flares up when I take steroids for a sinus infection, use a steroid inhaler, etc.  Heck, it can flare up if I get too much direct sunlight on it!

The tricky part about this is that a virus like this can also cause a flare of symptoms.

You might try to see your doctor while it's active; it can be cultured to make sure it is a cold sore, and then you can take preventative antivirals if you need a course of steroids or catch a cold or flu.  I take an anti-viral daily, 'cause a big sore on the side of my face and nerve pain down the side of my neck is not something I enjoy.  Oy! is right!

Take it easy and feel better soon,


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That makes so much sense.  I will see my PCP in the morning and will bring it up to see what she thinks.    We are headed off to cancun in the afternoon and now that you mentioned sunlight making it more painful, I'll be sure to put sunscreen on it.

Thanks for sharing the information.

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I bought a big brimmed hat to keep the sun off my face, but you should do well with just some good sunscreen.

I'd forgotten that you were heading to cancun until I read your journal, so I didn't stop to think that you might not have time to see your PCP before you left; cool if you can!

I've had nasty sores on my lips before from eating fresh pineapple, I've had an oil gland get infected before and cause a painful sore; it could be something else that you have. I always think its best to know what's what.  I'm sure my insurance company dislikes me!

I'm sure you're all packed and snug in your bed.  Then again, I always get so excited before a trip like that, I have trouble sleeping. Well, you have your hubby to snuggle with, so I'm sure you're smiling, whether you're asleep or not.

Have a wonderful super marvelous time!


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I'm up early because Al just told me that the flight is leaving at 12:30 and not 3:30 like I thought, so I had to check my email one more time before we head out.  

So, you think your insurance dislikes you...Well, I KNOW mine must dislike me do doubt about it.  I don't blame them as I've cost them a lot of money this year :(

I just packed my hat (thanks for the suggestion) and will have to get sun block there as it is over the 3 ounces and we aren't checking bags.  Oh and you are right, there will be no time to see the doctor unless they can get me in earlier.  

You take good care and I'll follow your suggestions about sun and all and hopefully come back with some nice pictures.  

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I get the wretched little b'strds too.

I got one on my nose right now! I had a leaky nose for about a week each morning, was blowing it, etc., and WHAM! I got one! Like Kath says, this virus does lie dormant, but it's interesting that when I started the Rebif last time, I got one, and now I've been on it for several weeks, and I got one again.  It left quickly, which I was surprised, only for another one to pop up in the same general vacinity.

Maybe it's a coinqidink, but taking immune suppressants, immune modulators, etc.... sounds very plausable to me that they could very well set us up for them!

Hope it's on it's way out before you hit the sun - you can get them from that too.

Have a nice time,
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