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Cold feet

Hi, Does anyone else have very cold feet & thighs?

My feet get icy cold as does my thighs but even though my

Thighs are icy cold they seem to have a burning feeling also.

Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. Linda
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I have had icy feet as long as I can remember. Hands also. My feet now get so cold my toes turn bluish. Doctors have never been concerned.

My thighs and backside are cold usually for no reason, but I have never had the burning sensation.... toes feel numb yes, burning no.

I go to bed every night with thick socks on. And I live in South Florida!

Laurie :)

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It could be poor circulation.
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Do you have diabetes?  Keeping your blood sugar under control is most important.  Exercise with walking to increase circulation every day very important.  No smoking.  
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As a rule my feet are not icy. I find that when they do get cold it takes forever for them to warm back up. Socks, blankets etc don;t do anything to expedite the process. The same is true for my hands. I've been back inside for 30 minutes this morning and my fingers are still cold.

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Oh my goodness yes My feet and hands get cold but I can usually get my hands warm but my feet are another story -  the other day I had on socks - thick fuzzy slipper socks and slippers - the bootie kind and my feet were still freezing -  I like Kyle take a long time to warm them up!

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I used to have bedroom slippers (don't know what happened to them) that had inserts in the toe area and small microwaveable pouches to insert. They really worked.

I bet this kind of thing can be found on line--maybe just the pouches, or you could make your own if you were sure of your materials.

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Haha, my first thought was about "cold feet" as in getting married and I was going to say , "Don't Do It!" ;-)

Actually, my feet go from being freezing cold to burning up! When they're cold, it's like nothing can warm them. When they're hot nothing can cool them. I'm not diagnosed with anything, so this may be totally meaningless.

Hugs, Minnie :)
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Caryopteris. No I don't have diabetes. Thank god! The MS, spinal stenosis is  enough. Thanks fo the responses everyone.
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I have cold  feet and my neuro said if was my ms
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My hands and feet are like ice all the time these days.  Was planning to mention it to my new MS doc when I see him in April.  To make things worse, we've had a ton of snow this year, and by the time I've shoveled the walk and dusted off the car, in these sub-arctic temps, the numbness, pain and chill in my hands lasts all day long.

FYI, here's an old thread on the same topic:

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