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Continued bilateral arm pain for 3 months, new problem...

Hi everybody.  I hope things are well for everyone.

I need some opinions.

For approximately 3 months now steady, I have been having bilateral arm pain and weakness, also severely frozen left shoulder along with it.  My recent EMG left arm and cervical spine MRI were completely normal, only some mild cervical annular bulging noted.

This is basically one of my newest symptoms.  This is year 11 of being undiagnosed.  I did have a right frozen shoulder about 7 years ago, which took about one year to recover from on its own.

Does anybody have this problem and could this be muscle spasms and contractions?

I am thankful that both my neurologist and my Pain Management Center are treating all of my pain, the recent of which is (Toradol) ketorolac self-injections for my migraine pain.  

Have a wonderful day!


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I have that problem but for me it is not MS but a bulging cervical disk. I go to a pain clinic and that helps a lot.

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Thanks, Alex,

Even though I still have no diagnosis, for some reason I think I have gone into the secondary progressive phase of the disease.

Thanks for your input.....

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Hi TJ -

Have you had MRI's of your brain and t-spine? I suspect they would be more informative about MS than EMG's. In conjunction with my DX I saw a general neurologist and 2 MS specialists. None of them mentioned an EMG. Is your neuro an MS specialist?

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Be careful with Toradol, you can only use it for so many days……..look it up or ask your pharmacist for one of the sheets that come with the drug………….it is a wonderful drug but……….

Bilateral is seldom an MS symptom, but rarely it will develop into that!

I'm not seeing anything in your symptoms that scream or whisper MS.  For you that is good.  The bulging is possibly your pain source.

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