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Costs of MS Specialist in USA

Hi Guys!

Just a question of curiousity, I guess....and perhaps a future option for me, but...Can anyone tell me the approx cost to go to one of these MS Specialists in the States???  Is there a LONG waiting list?
Also, where are some of these places located?
(I live directly across from Michigan in Canada)

Thanks, everyone!
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I'm not sure about the cost because my insurance pays for the office visit and I have a co-pay. Most MS specialist will not see you unless you have a doctors referral. Depending on your condition, the wait for an appointment can be anywhere from weeks to 3-4 months.

I know in Ohio (where I live), the MS specialist are located and work close to the medical universities. Cincinnati University Medical Center & Ohio State University Medical Center.
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Hey there!

My visit to the Mayo clinic cost my insurance company a whopping $15,000.00.  I have no idea why but my part of this is only going to be about $275.00  I still think something is wrong but I am not about to question anyone as we cannot even afford the $275 right now.

Be sure and do lots of research before going to one of these clinics.  Of course every MS specialiist is not created equal and you need some really good references before making that trip.

Take care Tammy - Hugs!!
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There is an excellent MS specialist who heads the MS Clinic at St. Mike's in Toronto and is also involved with the MS Program at U of T hospital.   His name is Dr. Paul O'Connor.  He has been published extensively, is a leading researcher in MS clinical trials, and is very well respected in his field.  Although he has a lot going on, he does still maintain a clinical practice.  I'm not sure how far from Toronto you are, but you might want to look into the possibility of a referral to this guy. If I was still in Toronto, I would fight tooth and nail to get in with him.

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ps: check out his ratings on ratemymd.com, they are excellent.  And of course, if you were lucky enough to see him, you wouldn't have to worry about the cost, as opposed to seeking help across the border.
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Thanks so much everyone....Sorry about the delay---Can you believe that as soon as I clicked "post" my computer crashed??  Figures....hehe

DB1---I actually think you have a great idea as well, I'm only about 3 hours away from Toronto...I guess I could look into it.....
I am actually WAITING for the MS Clinic in London to call with an appointment, but I've just heard so many discouraging stories, I thought I'd have a back up plan ready for whats next....
Not too trusting, am I?   :)

Kristin:  Thank GOD you don't have to pay that much money...I feel very lucky to live here sometimes.....Also, if you need $275, let me know....I have it for you!   :)
Hugs to you!
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