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Could I be suffering from MS?

Hi, everyone. Please bare with me as I explain all of my recent symptoms. I'm a 20y/o female & have always suffered with bad migraines (usually in the back of head). Over time, they worsened.. leading me to result a lunbar punture, done around Christmas of last year. Surprisingly, the headaches went away.. but, I then developed pain in the incision site from the LP. Leaning over, seemed to put a lot of strain on that particular spot, which lasted through March of this year. Once the pain from my LP went away, the emergency room visits started! I was going to the emergency room, sometimes 3x a month, with burning in my lower back, tingling/numbness in my legs. Each doctor seemed to send me home with pain medicine, of course. It was beginning to become a monthly routine. Back in August, my mom ended up rushing me to the ER, with excruciating pain/pressure in my lower pelvic area. Long story short, I found out that I was not having regular bowel movements, which caused the build up of pain. Thing got worse over the next couple of months. I've become completely dependent on a liquid laxative, in order to go. Now, last month.. I noticed that one of my eyes seemed to be inflamed (pink part closer to nose) which has now, become both. Pain radiates behind my left, like a dull ache. I am unable to focus on objects, at times. Not long after the eye issue, my arms began to , "ache/shake" uncontrollably. Numb & sensations, soon followed. It was starting to be an everyday thing. Then came my legs, same thing.. numb/burning sensation. There a are usually two types of burning, a "sun burn" type.. which hurts to the touch. Then the "deep" burning within. Pains shoot theough the bottom of my feet, like small charlie horses. Tightness in my chest, which feels like an elephant is sitting on it..followed by aburning/pins & needles feeling. There's been times that I've woken up, unable to swallow.. or, feel anything on one side of my body. My bidy has become extremely sensitive to hot/cold temperatures, which the burning is THE WORST, at night when my it's hotter. I can't sleep at night, I can't think straight. My coordination seems to be off at times & I have trouble remembering things, like what I ate for breakfast. With everything going on, I'm now under evaluation by my Neurologist. Last week, she ordered that I have blood work done, an EEG & an MRI. I went for my MRU the other day & still have to get an Echo & Nerve Conduction test done next week. It seems that I good & bad days.. but, none where the pain completely subsidies. Did anyone go through similiar symptoms?  
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I was diagnosed with..pts..parsonage tuner syndrome. ..we have very common symptoms .....I had the mri...mine showed no abnormalities. Like there looking for something that u maybe born with ? Simply ..what was your first sympton...your on the way..Nero dcts...is most definitely where you can get help from...I hope they don't do u like me ...no relief....and I beg just go in fix....lol..but they sadly only care about $$.. go start searching..neuropathy ...underlined mines anatropy..I am not sick as is I was perfectly h earthy till struck by this ...
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Hi and welcome,

Could you please make sure you make smaller paragraphs as I am doing, because people with MS commonly have visual and or cognitive issues that makes reading large blocks of text very difficult or impossible sometimes, it will affect the responses to your questions- ta

I honestly wouldn't think MS would be the more likely explanation, visual issues are common in MS but pink is more infection, allergy etc than what happen's when vision is affected by demyelinated optic nerves. Something is 'definitely' not right but with so much going on in such a short time frame, it just doesn't sound suggestive/consistent with MS imho.  

You'll have a better idea of what might be causing this after your test results come in, in the mean time try and keep open minded on what it could be, which will help if it doesn't turn out to be a neurological condition like MS.

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Sorry for the essay, it was my first time. I thought of other possible things like Transverse Myelitis.. but I will have to see. Thanks for response :)
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