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Could I have MS?

I have been experiencing weird symptoms ever since I had my baby.  I have been dealing with vision problems: swirling of vision, flashes, floaters, pain in my eyes. I also have had weird headaches: along temples,top of my head, and sinuses.  I have had major bouts of dizziness, changes in my vision, I have not been as sharp with my processing skills. My head just feels like it is going to explode, or that I am going to explode.

I also just feel jittery and i have major numbness and weakness in my arms and legs, hands and feet!

I am convinced I have a brain tumor or MS or something.

I've been to numerous doctors and nothing is wrong...which I do not believe. Every time they want to prescribe an anti-depressant.

I am looking for some help and guidance. Thanks! Do
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Hey there,

I would definitely keep on the doc. If you're not finding the care you feel you need, find a new doc. Some of your symptoms sound like they could be MS related. Problem is....MS has many MANY mimics, and can take several months to several years to diagnose. If you are looking for relief from some of your symptoms, anti-depressants may be the way to go. I know that some docs prescribe antidepressants for neurological symptoms...not just depression.

One thing I can tell you is...don't let the doctors discourage you. Believe in yourself. If you're feeling sick....YOU ARE SICK. And it would probably be helpful if you tried to find a patience and understanding with your body. It could be a long road to diagnosis ahead and it's easy to become consumed with the process. Try not to focus on 'why' you're sick or 'what' made you sick or even WHAT it is....because that alone could drive you insane.  

I know it's hard to...but try and focus on your joys in life. Take it easy, be REALLY good to yourself. Try and avoid stress. Eat healthy, drink healthy, play healthy. It is so so important.

I wish you the best.

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You have a very complex medical history since having your baby.  How long ago did you deliver and how long after the delivery did the symptoms start?

What type of workup did they give you?  MRIs?  Spinal tap? Bloodwork?  If you don't mind sharing we can certainly point you in the right direction as to what to do next.  As Ley mentioned, don't let doctor's discourage you in trying to get to the bottom of all this.  You need to find out what is happening as I'm sure it is having a significant impact on your life and taking care of a baby.  

Let us know how we can help.

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