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Could my MS cause joint pain???

Do any of you have joint pain that is associated with your MS?  My right knee is giving me a terrible time but it seems to be more joint related than muscle related.  Just thought I would ask!  Hope you all are doing well and survived the holidays!  Thanks!
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MS doesn't cause inflammation of the joints, but there are other autoimmune diseases that could.  Some MS patients get knee pain, but a common cause is walking with an altered gait due to foot drop,  This gait (Circumduction of the leg) can cause abnormal stress on the knee joint.  

Do you have just pain or with there warmth and redness?  We can;t blame everything on MS.  You may have just hurt your knee.  You should see your PCP about your knee.  

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I have MS, and associated pain in my knee from spasticity in my leg.
Happy New Year!
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You know, spasticity could be a cause of the pain in your knee.

You should read the health page on spasticity -


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I have MS.
I have spasticity.
I have weak muscles that fail to support my joints in the manner they are supposed to.  I maintain that MS is an indirect contributor to SOME of my joint pain because of this.

I have osteoarthritis (OA or degenerative joint disease) in many joints.
I had to have one knee replaced at a relatively early age (52) because advanced OA was making life painful and robbing me of mobility.  The MRI failed to show the full extent of the damage.  The surgeon did the joint replacement based on clinical evaluation.  He was able to see the damage that was causing all the problems once he had the knee open.

My other knee shows changes on x-ray indicative of OA.  From time to time it flairs up with pain but it never seems to last long.  I never even think about having replacement surgery on that knee.  I do wish the spasms behind the knee would ease up some days.

I don't know how significant it is that I'm weaker on the side that needed the joint replacement.  I certainly don't think the smaller muscle size and poor tone surrounding that joint helped any.

All that to say .....  YES, I have joint pain associated with my MS.  Perhaps it would be more accurate to say, enhanced by my MS.  It is not caused by my MS.  Unfortunately, this disease seems to weasel it's way into our lives at every possible opportunity.

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This is kind of splitting hairs.  Spasticity is muscle related.  MS causes pain, but not typically "joint pain."  Spasticity I can agree with.   The original description is that it was more joint than muscle related.  

No matter what, I'd be heading to my PCP for a good joint exam.  If it spasticity, the PCP can talk with the neurologist.  If it is not related to spasticity and is one of the more common ligament instability or inflammatory conditions that affect the knee, most PCP deal with this on a pretty regular basis.
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What's up here?  Splitting hairs?   My goal was to answer the question asked --  "Do any of you have joint pain that is associated with your MS?" -- by a sharing of my personal story.  I wasn't trying to leave an expert type answer.  I was offering a set of circumstances that might be helpful because sometimes comparing experiences together helps us develop answers as individuals.

If I missed an implied question about seeking medical advice, then YES, there should be a full medical investigation to discover the origin of ongoing pain.  That would be true with any symptom.  As we have been reminded lately, NOT everything that happens to us is 'just the MS'.

My guess is that JJJ knows MS doesn't CAUSE joint pain.  I figured that was the reason the work ASSOCIATED was used instead.  I'm not sure me saying muscle weakness can lead to knee pain is really any different than you saying foot drop alters gait and leads to knee pain.  

I'll repeat what is becomes my mantra here.  No organ or system of the body stands or functions alone.  Joints would be useless to us without the tendons, ligaments, muscles, cartilage, nerves and fluids that support them in their work.  Clarifying an earlier point, MS may limit its direct attacks to central nervous system tissues.  Its impact is realized throughout the body.

You know, this question might not even be as simple as it first appears.  Just because a pain feels like it's in the bone or joint, doesn't mean it is.  OA and achey joints took the blame for lots of pain that I now realize was spasticity.  I get shoulder pain that is actually produced by an irritation of my diaphragm more than 12” away.  The body is NOT as predictable as we are sometimes led to believe.

Personally, my favorite aspect of this community is the sharing our individual experiences and ideas.  The fact that bunches of valuable information is stored and shared on a regular basis makes for a complete package.  I thought I might have melded the two together in my answer.  Maybe not.

If anyone finds the response helpful or interesting, terrific!  If not, certainly feel free to move on to the next.   No offense taken.  Factual errors need correction or clarification.  Critique of wording seems pointless.

who apologizes to all for the disruption to the flow of yet another topic.
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Thanks everyone for your input.  As always, I appreciate your feedback and will be getting my knee checked out by my physician!  Hope you all are well!
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I have MS and knee pain as well as low back issues. I was evaluated with an MRI and an X-ray, which showed know structural damage. So the doctors are not sure why I have knee pain but inside I do believe that my MS has something to due with it.

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A rheumatologist should also be consulted especially when initial testing doesn't reveal much. Joint pain can indicate an autoimmune disease as COBOB suggested.
I have MS but I also have Ankylosing Spondylitis which causes me a great deal of joint and back pain. Of course both contribute to each other, sometimes I can differentiate between the two but not always, who knows if I'm even right and it really doesnt matter anyways ;-)
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I have ligament and tendon pain, it is not from MS it is from Lyme Disease! The undiagnosed Lyme Disease is what caused the MS type of symptoms.  They are lying about MS I think they have known for a long time that it is a bacterial infection hence why they won't let us donate blood.
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