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Could this be MS

I am a 38 year old woman.  I was perfectly fine until I had a breast augmentation done.  After two days the left side of my face started going numb and it felt as if I had pins and needles.  This is now 4 years later and my symptoms have progressed so badly to the point that it feels af if my muscles are attacking me.  i have these attacks where anything from my skull, chest, tummy, back will just go into spams.  With this attack I feel very light headed and my body seems to respond to Cortisone and nothing else when i have these attacks.  The muscle pulls so tight that it feels as if my hand, chest, head, wherever it is wants to snap.  The doctors think I am anxious as they said there is nothig wrong with me.  My family knows that I hardly ever goes to a doctor and had both my kids naturally, I handled life fine untill that day after the operation.  My quality of life have realy gone down.  Can you suggest anything where I can start looking for what is wrong.  Could this be MS?
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Hi Marty,

Sorry for what you are going through. This doesn't sound like MS to me. But it does sound like you should definitely look for a doctor willing to find out the cause of what you are experiencing.

Like Red mentions there can be bad reactions to anything, but since this started after the surgery that would be my 1st culprit though too.

Very much hope you find a good doc willing help.
Thanks for joining us,
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Since this seems to have begun with the breast augmentation, you might want to thinking about reversing it. Have you given this some thought?  I have heard of women having really bad reactions to their implants.  

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Hi Marty and welcome,

This is a great site for support and sharing of information.   Everyone's MS is different, but there are common symptoms, and if you google MS, you can find a listing of symptoms.  There are a LOT of them and they can also be caused by many other things.  

What you are describing doesn't sound typical for MS.

If your doc thinks you're anxious, have they suggested anti-anxiety meds to see if that helps with symptoms?  

What kind of doc have you seen and what kind of testing has been done?

Maybe more info from you could help others on this site respond as well.

Wishing you well.
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No one over the internet can guess as to what is wrong there are so many things it could be some Neurological some not. If you want to explore this it will probably take lots of tests and doctors and may take a long time. We are happy to be here and support you in your quest.

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