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Could this be multiple sclerosis (MS)?

Hello, I am desperate for answers on what I am going through. I am a 22 year old female and perfectly healthy... or so I thought.

These symptoms started last year around January and lasted for two months. And they are back almost exactly a year later.
-extremely tired even with a full nights rest... feels like I didn't get any sleep
-bags/dark circles under eyes
-left glute appears to have gone away over night
-cramps in left calf
-tightness in left hamstring
-always dizzy
-vision isn't clear
-dry mouth
-dry eyes
-I just don't look myself right now
-emotionally unstable and mood swings constantly
-pain in upper back
-ringing in ears

As far as I can remember, I never had these symptoms around the winter time... only this winter and last winter.
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Somethings could be MS and others not. I would go to my Primary Care Doctor and ask for a neurological exam. This is reflexes and such. If he or she sees something abnormal they can send you to a neurologist. If it is normal they can steer you in another direction.

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Hi and welcome,

There are many different and much more common medical explanations for what you've described is happening during the winter months than MS would be, so I wouldn't assume a neurological condition like MS would even be your list of 'most likely' explanations, when there are many unrelated explanations for these types of common symptoms.

IF your mental health is currently up and down, I would strongly suggest you don't 'unconsciously' make things worse by worrying and reading about neurological conditions like MS......make an appointment with your family doctor and remain very open minded about the cause.

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