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Could this possibley be early symptoms of MS?

Hello I am a 37 female, I had gotten a Lumbar MRI done and it came back with Abnormal findings from my L3 TO L5 and possibley S1 and some deformity of my vertibraes didnt quiet understand the reading but they are sending me to a Neurologist in Jan. I am kinda scared because I just started my career as a CNA and was gonna go back to school to become a Nurse. My reg. doc has put me on work restrictions to were i cant bend ,kneel,squat, stand or sit for more than an hour at a time, and cant lift anything over 5lbs. which pretty much stopped me from working, because in my line of work I am always on the go and i am always up and down and lifting and bending I take care of patients. My work will not accommadate my restrictions which is forcing me to take medical leave, and I have only been at my work for less than a month. I cant go back to work until after my Neurologist apt  jan 17th.

My pain is in my lower back, tailbone ,pelvic bone, that radiates to my right hip, and sometimes in my front legs to knees, its like a burning sensation in the legs, I sometimes feel weakness in my arms and burning sensations,the back of my neck hurts if i lean forward with my neck my spine starts to hurt, the feelings are almost like when you get a flu and u get that weak burning sensation through your whole body, i tend to get those at times and sometimes also feels like i have a fever when i know i dont ! sometimes when im sitting still i have feel my body swaying. or once in awhile a jerky feeling in my shoulders. I dont know what is going on but its actually starting to freak me out. like i said they are sending me to a Neurologist in Jan.  i sometimes feel confused  or cant  consitrate , sometimes my eyes will hurt especially my right one ill have shooting pains in it, i do have blurred vision and sometimes it will get super bright in a room or very dim . none of this is constant it comes and goes as it pleases !   My husband is always saying dang hunny is there anything not wrong with you..... I feel like i am complaining too much and when i dont feel right  i cant help it, I cant control it when it comes and goes !

I guess my questions is could this possibley be the early signs of MS?  or something different. I know I will let my Neuro doc know all what i am feeling . its just got me a little scared that something serious may be wrong here !

Thank you ~ Bella

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In regards to your Lumbar MRI pointing to a MS diagnosis I would say that is highly unlikely. MS attacks your CNS which is your brain, optic nerves and spinal cord. Your spinal cord ends just before the Lumbar portion of your spine begins, that is why when they are looking for MS they will do MRIs of the Brain, C-Spine and T-Spine. No reason to MRI the L-Spine looking for lesions when the spinal cord doesn't reach that far.
It sounds like you have a mechanical problem such as herniated discs or something along those lines which would show up on your MRI, could cause a lot of your symptoms and need a neurologist for further evaluation.
With that said, in some people their spinal cord may extend just into the Lumbar region and if they happen to have a lesion at the bottom of their spinal cord its possible for it to be picked up on a Lumbar MRI. I'm just mentioning this because it can happen although I don't think it applies in your case as the areas you mention are too far down to be near the end of the spinal cord.
It sounds like you have some serious back issues but based on your info I wouldn't assume MS. You may want to look up Ankylosing Spondylitis, this may be an area that fits your back and joint pain. You need to see what the neuro says as back issues can cause a lot of nerve damage. If your back issues don't account for all of your symptoms then push him for more testing, possibly MRIs of the rest of your CNS and/or a VEP to look for damage to your optic nerves.
Most of all try to relax because stress will only make your symptoms worse or possibly bring on more symptoms! Hang in there, keep pushing for answers and keep us posted!
Good Luck :)
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Thank you so much for your response, I was just making sure about the MS, thing and didnt know exactly how far down u can see . My reg physician briefly explained something about abnormal findings, possible 2 buldging discs, a poss herniated disc, and some deformed vertibraes , I will have to get a copy of my MRI and post it so better understand it . But thank you for responding back to me. its kinda a relief that MS is unlikely !!!
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i just looked that up , also i was told i had costocondritis of the rib cage, which when i read about that Anklosing Spondylitis  it said something about inflammation of the breast bone and ribs .. makes me wonder a little more !  also i am losing height , i use to be 5 f 3 now i am  5 f 1.75 with shoes on !
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I have back problems too, and I went to neurology and the doctors didn't touch my back or look at it, told me it was muscle/skeltonal problem, because I didn't walk like I had a bad back..  It took me forever to get that appointment.
I have had this now since 1994, and I take a muscle relaxer at night and lay down early, usually the next it's better.  I have a pacemaker and can't get the MRI.  
This is the one pain I have got to get fixed, I guess one day.
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well i hope they do something, because i can not function like this ,nor be in the dark about my condition whether its minor or major  , this is my spine and I will have answers . I'll be damned if they dont do anything and one day i end up in a wheelchair because of it or have perm damage to my spine  where it will leave me disabled .
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Hi and welcome,

Your abnormal findings of "possible 2 buldging discs, a poss herniated disc, and some deformed vertibraes" though structural spinal issues are not associated with MS, this could be a potential explanation for what you have described.

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That is what they briefly explained to me over the phone, I know buldging discs and herniated discs arent  MS..... but i wasnt sure about the deformed vertibraes and my symptoms I have been having .... So that is why i came on this form topic .

Much apologies, Bella

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No need to apologize Bella. We're here to help sort through the mysteries of MS :-) There is a lot of gray between nerve problems caused by MS and nerve problems caused by disks and other skeletal issues.

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Thank you kyle , i am just wondering why my doc is sending me to a Neuro instead of an Orthopedic . unless there is something more to my MRI  findings? which i plan on getting a copy of , maybe that will better explain it as to why she is sending me to a Neuro.

Thank you ~ Bella
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Your symptoms sound an awful lot like disk problems. May be they can get you into physical therapy. I have three bad disks. I worked in construction and Veterinary until I was in my 40's. I got into physical therapy and it has really helped. I ride horses which has helped my back and neck a lot. I also do yoga.

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My guess is that your doc is being thorough. You have to rule out everything.

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