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Cymbalta for pain

Any one on Cymbalta for pain?  

My doctor said there is large nerve pain, which is why I am on Neurontin.

And small neve pain, which is why he started me on Cymbalta.

I am having awful sensory issues in my right foot and leg.

He said Cymbalta works better for pain than depression.  

I am already on Lexapro and it seems to be working ok.

At least my MS is holding steady at the moment!

LA dx'd
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I have tried it, did not do anything for me, my godmother has back pain unrelated to ms and it did not help, my friend has fibro and it did not work for her, but none of which have ms, as for a me, I'm just looking at ms as a possibility,  so it had relatively little side effects, and worth a try if your doc thinks so, but nobody I know had had success with it, but nobody I know has ms that uses it.
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I was on it and it helped me a lot but the side affect were too much. I started having headaches on a daily basis and would need to take ibuprophin every 8 hours and my neuro said to stop cause he doesn't want me to start with headaches, cause tht could cause more problems.

Some on here take it with no problems though so I am sure they will chime in and tell you their experience.

It did help me but he headaches were too much.

Hope it works for you an dyou get some relief,

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i am on it and it works great! i am much happier and in not so much pain!!!!
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i was, it did help "mildly". and with discomfort irritability association

i'm going to request it again or effoxor low dose. the zoloft and i aren't agreeing much

low dos cymbalta was ok for me, though higher doses were not. i never got past the odd fatigue/lethargic aspect of it at higher doses
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