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Has anyone used this? My doctor called a script in for me today.  

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hi,i have heard its pretty good and i was even going to try it but cant because of thyroid...good luck .....deb
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Hello LA, Thanks so much for the response to my rant yesterday. I feel better today. Still have the double vision but like always my friends here cheer me up.
  To answer your question. I was on Cymbalta for about 6 weeks. I asked to be taken off of it. It was making me feel strange. Very "short Fused", irritated, grouchy. I started taking Effexor when this started and I went back to it just a higher dose now. I have seen where people here have got on it and it has helped very well. Good luck to you my friend......
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I actulally started it today. Will go through it together. Made me feel jittery today.
Lets keep in contact about it.

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What dose did they start you at.  OH I do NOT need to feel jittery. I already have that problem. :(  
Yes, lets stay in touch.

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I was on it for about 6 weeks too.  I asked to be taken off of it because it made me feel drousy.  That's the last thing I needed to add to my already debilitating fatigue.  

I've read similar posts on the Fibromyalgia board, but it must work well for some.

Good luck!  

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Thanks.  I read through the information on this medication and have some concerns.

It mentioned something about panic attacks.  I have had a lot of trouble with panic attacks and anxitey through out the years.

I am also wondering if I can still take Advil on this medication.  

I called my doctor and left a message for her.  I should hear back tomorrow.

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I have been on it for about 2 years and I LOVE IT!! It has made a huge diff in my day to day life and I hope it never stops working. The main downer of it is it does seem to cause weight gain :(
Good luck!!
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Ugh..weight gain is not what I need.  I just packed on 15 pounds after my diagnosis.  I can not blame MS for my weight gain.  I am sure it is anxiety and because I took my focus off of my diet.  

Any anxiety problems?  

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Well, my family tells me now I'm laid back to a fault. I don't get excited about anything at all. So, no, there is no anxiety. Perhaps the weight gain comes from me not feeling to need to do anything about it LOL.
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I am almost right there with you on the weight thing.  I guess I don't feel the need to impress anyone any more.  

Plus, my husband has put on more than a few pounds himself.  I dieted my whole life.  I like to cook. I like to go out to eat.  I could be thin my whole life, but I would be hungry and miserable.  

I would rather enjoy life a little. Especially now that I have MS and am dealing with the issues that come with it.  I was no happier thin than I am now.  But I was hungrier!

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I tried it at 30mg.  At first, I was jumpy and had trouble sleeping.  Then I started getting weird stomach cramps that were waking me up all night.  So I stopped it.  I would have waited out the insomnia but the stomach thing was very uncomfortable.  I don't have too much trouble with meds usually but this one was not right for me.  I wished it had worked - people who do well with it, love it.

Let us know how you do.
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That is not good news for me.  The Rolaids bottle is my best friend. I buy the huge jug of them.  

I have been treated for reflux in the past and should probably go back on Nexium again because my tummy is a mess.  

Advil is really doing a job on my stomach. Not to mention my dx of IBS.  

I called the doctor and left a message about my concerns with this medication.  I will hear back tomorrow.

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My stomach issue was nothing like acid reflux or IBS.  It was  a totally different feeling.  There wasn't any diarrhea or anything.  It was just an uncomfortable cramping.  It may not do anything like that to you.  As I said, for some people, it is a miracle drug so it is probably still worth a try:)  And if Cymbalta allows you to take less advil, it's probably a good thing.

As for the advil.... I take prescription 800 ibuprofen and it has less of a stomach issue with me than taking 4 of the OTC advil.  My stomach really reacts to the other ingredients in advil.  And always always always take it with food.  
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