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I called for the results of my  MRI and they said no changes in brain scan since last time. My doc had them do MRI and xrays of my left hip. Both are showing deenerative changes. Seriously, I can barely walk!! Anyone have any input on this..........
I know from older scans, that I have a bad disc in my neck and in my back. No injuries, so does this have anything to do with MS, or is it totally a seperate issue? My doc is on vacation, or I would have spoke to him about it.

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In my opinion, they do not go hand in hand.  MS is a disease of the CNS.  Degenerative joint disease comes with trauma, age and use.  It can also come (or be accelerated) from some of the medications used to treat MS,   Specifically I'm thinking of IVSM.

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I agree with COBOB. They are not necessarily related. I have osteoarthritis in my hips, more accurately in my hip. My left hip is now made of chromium so there's little chance of arthritis there :-)

I couldn't walk 50 feet without some serious pain before having my left hip replace 3 years ago. While I had not been dx'd with MS at that point I certainly had it. The deterioration of my hip had nothing to do with my MS.
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Hi Beth,

First to answer your question: I agree with the two previous posters.

Second since you have a bad disc in your back, it is a possiblity that a change in gait do the bad disc has accelerated the degeneration in your hips by putting an unatural strain on the hips, just a thought and a question you might ask a professional.

I hope the hip pain lessens up somewhat.

Best wishes,
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thank you all for the input. I see my neuro on the 25. Hopefully get some answers. Cant stay in pain like this.........

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Hi there,  

its seems like I've had a lot back problems, in May 7, 2007 I was rear ended.  I felt ok for the first few days.  X- Rays of neck and lumbar didn't show any thing,  an MRI was given for my lower back, I had Herniated disc, an  bulge  at L4-L5-s1. I  had Nucleoplasty  later that year.  
I never had my neck scanned,   they said I had whiplash,  ok no big deal  or so I thought.  

During all of this MS Hokey Pokey  the MSlogist has has my neck scanned
I also have  bulge and Herniated disc at C4-C5-C6  I posted a pictures of this,  I also have a lesion just above C4.  The neuro surgeon recommended cervical fusion surgery.   I holding off for now, as the numbness increases during my sleep each night makes me think I need the surgery sometime this year.
My Mslogist just had my L spine scanned  to rule in or out the cause of left leg weakness, that scan showed degenerative disc disease. So I have a scan from 2007 and from 2011 that clearly shows the degenerative changes.
And  now at L4 L5 I have a Synovial Cyst  which was caused by DDD.

So I have degenerative disc disease in the C and L spine, and mild Stenosis in my lower back.  I have good days and bad days  Sitting on hard surface hurts and I have a little bit of difficulty getting up after sitting to long.
              Dare I say that includes the throne...

Sometimes we just wear out our joints, other times its trauma.
Mine is unrelated to MS..

             Check out the pictures of my neck scan-  
            Trust me when I say that's a pain in the neck- it really is

Hope this helps some,  I understand the pain and weakness ,

take care

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