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Day five after LP

same. awful pain. headache. still. here.

spoke to doc three and he said that i will need to wait until seven to ten days after the LP before they would consider a patch. This is due to my reduced immune system with my condition. They are afraid of any type of infection that could possibly occur during the blood patch and transfer of blood.

I now wonder what on earth those latest panel of blood work showed. or if he's referring to the fact that i catch every flu bug that floats in my town. He said I wouldn't be able to ward off any type of infection. Hmmmm...... nervous here about this maybe??????

Again said that here they never take that much CSF fluid, and that it will take a long time, with the leak to heal and then to start "fillin gup again" he also expressed concern that I may not manufacture my own CSF properly... he was throwing a lot of stuff out there. And i was like what? Somebody.... i hurt this bad, and..... I'm left in the dark here?

So we keep waiting.... thursday or friday is the soonest they will risk something.

The Darvocet was freaky. It dimmed the pain slightly in my head and back but i always wack out on pain meds... my heart did funny things and my breathing went funny and I got shaky for a few hours (probably huperventilated my mom said)

My eyes are stil swollen.

And yes, i'm flat as a board, and I'm drinking as much as possible and my mom is feeding me now every few hours so i don't lose weight too.

Can some of you sweet wonderful folks do me a favor and prehaps find a few jokes or something to make me laugh. I'm getting rather out of laughs here, I've read all my library comic books, watched my animated Disney movies, and now I need some help. I'll look foward to coming on the forum tomorrow and at least smiling once.... PLEASE????

Just thought of something today, I'll be twenty-one on Oct. the fourth and two days later I just may find out my diagnosis. What a birthday present.

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Gotta run--I'm late. No good jokes off the top of my head, but just want to say how lousy I think it is that your doctors aren't helping you and aren't even telling you what's going on.

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Sweet girl...I agree with shoshin in that this is a pretty lousy deal you are getting...if they are that concerned with infection one would think that they would put you on some sort of antibiotic and at least attempt a blood patch!  Seems like they are holding back on you honey and for that I am sooo sorry!  You must be so fed up with all of this pain and garbage they keep feeding you...this is like deja-vu...haven't we been here with so many of our members before...there is no justice and I don't really understand this society we live in that allows this to happen at our expense!

What difference is it going to make in 7 to 10 days anyway...you are still going to be susceptible to infection then so why make you suffer through this...I think this is just cruel and "usual" punishment from these people.  I wish I could be there to hold your hand through this ducky but know that I am thinking of you!

Here is a joke for you sweetie....

Just in case you are having a rough day, here is a stress management
>technique recommended in all the latest psychological journals. The funny
>thing is that it really does work and will make you smile.
>1 . Picture yourself lying on your belly on a warm rock that hangs out over
>a crystal clear stream.
>2. Picture yourself with both your hands dangling in the cool running
>3. Birds are sweetly singing in the cool mountain air.
>4. No one knows your secret place.
>5. You are in total seclusion from that hectic place called the world.
>6. The soothing sound of a gentle waterfall fills the air with a cascade of
>7. The water is so crystal clear that you can easily make out the face of
>the person you are holding underwater.
>See? It really does work . You're smiling already.

I have a inkling that the person you are holding underwater has the title of Dr??? hehe

Lots of hugs,

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I still don't understand this #3 doctor.  The blood patch is done with your own blood in a sterile environment, and directly injected back into your body.  Is he concerned about how sterile of an environment he can provide?  Sheesh.  He needs to communicate more clearly, that's for sure.  Thank heavens for doctors like they have at NYU.  I still think you should call; they should have an idea of what is going on with you and what is the best course of action to get rid of that blasted headache!

OK, something funny, a little crude, but funny:

Top Ten Most Polite Ways to Say Your Zipper is Down

By David Letterman

10. The cucumber has left the salad.

9. Quasimodo needs to go back in the tower and tend to his bells.

8. You need to bring your tray table to the upright and locked position.

7 . Paging Mr. Johnson... Paging Mr. Johnson..

6. Elvis is leaving the building.

5. The Buick is not all the way in the garage.

4. Our next guest is someone who needs no introduction.

3. You've got a security breach at Los Pantalones.

2 Men may be From Mars.....

But I can see something that rhymes with Venus.

And the #1 way to tell someone his zipper is unzipped.....

1. I always knew you were crazy, but now I can see your nuts.

Hope you're smiling!

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Hope you feel better soon.

Just did the briefest of searches on Darvocet, seems you may be better off on Tylenol alone if you can tolerate it.  It can be given intravenously if indicated.  It is considered a mild painkiller but actually works very effectively for headaches, and if you are reacting badly to the other ingredients in the Darvocet you may just be getting the side effects without the benefit.  Just a thought.

Read this in a joke book recently.  Young man looking miserable in a bar.  His friend asks him the problem.  "I finally found the girl of my dreams" he said.  "All my other girlfriends were also of my dreams but every time I took them to meet my parents my mother hated her and we had to split up".  "Don't worry, said his friend, your mum will like one of them".  "That's not the problem" said the man.  "I took my new girlfriend home and for the first time ever my mom loved her, they are so alike. Mom wants us to stay together"  His friend was confused.  "What's the problem then?".  "Well" said the man, "She's so similar to my mom my dad can't stand her!"

Here's another one.

Group of vampire bats in a cave.  One flies in, his mouth and face bloodied.  The others swarm around him, jealous, wondering who he has feasted on.  "Tell us!" they demanded,"we're all hungry, you have blood around your mouth, where have you been?".  They all licked their lips in anticipation, but the bat was reluctant to talk.  But they kept asking him again and again, so eventually he sighed in resignation and shared his story.  "Come" he said  "and took them to the edge of the cave".  "Look in the distance, over there, at that large fortress wall"  The bats, with their poor vision, strained to see it.  Finally one, two, then all saw it, they wondered what feasts lay behind it.  "So you see the wall now?" said the bat, and they all nodded in expectation.  "Well, I didn't!"
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Bart Simpson's prank phone calls to poor ol' Moe at his Tavern makes me laugh:  

Ivanna Tinkle
Ahmed Adoudi
I.P. Freely
Maya Buttreeks
Jacques Strappe
Al Koholic
Bea O'Problem
Seymour Butts
Anita Bath
Mike Rotch
Eura Snotball
Oliver Klozoff
Haywood U. Cuddleme
Ollie Tabooger
Amanda Huggenkiss
Hugh Jass
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Hi Sunny.  Did you get my PM with the email for Dr. K at NYU??

I hope you can get some relief.
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Hey, do you know the difference between single and married women?

A single woman looks in the fridge, shakes her head, and goes to her hunk in the bedroom.  The married woman looks at the hunk in her bedroom, shakes her head, and goes to the fridge.

wish  --- you better
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You made me laugh ... thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

a few friends are dropping by and watching the movie Cars with me, so that should be fun as well.

This morning wasn't quite as rough, but it's still really painful.

I've found a cold washcloth helps my eyes... not much helps the back and head though.

Oh, and yes you seem to be right, tylenol seems to do as much good as half of the Darvocet does without all those yucky side-effects, basically nohthing but....

Thank you. wonderful friends. you guys are awesome to hang in there with me, i think that one day i willl be able to post and be sunny again.
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I really enjoyed the movie Cars!  I may be 46 but I'm a big kid; besides, a lot of those animated movies have funny stuff for the adults, too, like in Happy Feet, for instance.  Friends can make you laugh and feel better, too.

I'm glad things are improving at least a little.  I hope they improve a lot, or you make a call to Dr. Kister and have him call your medical people down there and tell them how to take care of you properly.

You're still our sunny gal, even when you're hurting.  I'm glad you're able to post and keep in touch; you know you're loved!


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Hang in there, kiddo!  We're with you all the way.

(And don't you just love the restroom line scene in Cars???!)

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I forgot my riddle!

It's kinda silly, but it does tend to stump people:

What goes up down, but can't go down up?

Answer to follow....

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Hmmm... You've got me... can't figure out the riddle. :)

I'm QUITE HAPPY to say that I'm starting to feel BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My head pain is coming down.... it's still there when i sit up and it squeezes still but boy, i feel human again!!!! YAYYY!!!!!

I would do the happy dance, but my mom is having me lay flat for another day or two to make sure it will heal up correctly.

Three fast questions for those still managing to read my posts.....

One: My O.N. has flared up again. Why? The pain and blurriness had left from my April attack and all i had left was prob with reds and dbl vision. So now, when i move my eyes it is VERY painful, de ja vau again.... i hope it's not going to be this painful for very long.

Two: Does the back pain go away too? The head-ache is starting to leave, but that back pain is still there. Life a handful of rocks is pressing into the very bottom of my spinal colum.

Three: When i sit up, the last three days, my mind is tellin me tha on the left side of my back where my ribs are it is bulging out, like full of pressure in an area about the size of my small fist. But my mom can't feel anything pushing out except my ribs. Yes, i'm thin and this didn't help it any. Is this feeling another weird symptom or something to be concerned about?

Ok, I'm back.... sunnier than ever, and have more things to be thankful for.... fo example.... the fact that I don't have to eat things that start with "chicken" and end with "soup" for every meal, that i can actually sleep with pillows again soon, that i may soon be able to view my computer in an UPRIGHT position, and that i may be able to finish a sentence without saying AHHHHH and holding my head, and that..... well, you get the point... little things are making me quite thankful right now.

Have a blessed, happy, sun-shiney day, and I shall talk to you all later!
By for now!
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I have no answers, but just wanted to tell you "whoo hoo"!!!!!  So happy you are feeling some better.  In a matter of days you will be able to eat pizza!
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Extreme stress and pain can cause a flareup - just what you need, a flare!  So I'm not surprised that your ON has decided to come back, or that you're having back pain.  When I was on my back for four days with the flu, I had massive back pain, just from not being able to move all that much.  

With your spinal cord involvement, you're probably going to have back spasms.  These can be treated like any muscle problem - heat, ice, massage, and anti-inflammatories.

You can help your weight loss by drinking Ensure supplements instead of milk.  Unless you're lactose intolerant, that is!

I'm glad your headache is finally diminishing, and again flabbergasted by the incompetence of this hospital.  
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What an awesome e-mail that we have all been waiting to see - you are getting better!  Here is to more sun in your day - keep on getting sunnier  :)
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I'm glad you're starting to feel better!  Do stay cautious, make sure it keeps healing, much as you want to do a happy dance.  I'll do one for you!

When I had my spinal headache, I had posterior vitrious detachment, which just means some of the gel-like stuff behind my eyes became detached, hardened, and I now have "floaters" in my vision.  The vary from a dark spot, to a lighter dots, squiggles, and such that float through my vision, and can interfere if I don't ignore it.  It was caused by the drop in CSF pressure; things in my head, including my eyes, shifted position because of the lessened pressure.  My vision stayed blurry for a couple months, though my visual acuity tests were pretty good.  I just noticed it.

Of course, that is totally different from ON.  The pain may just be from the pressure changes, or you could be having a flare.  The best course would be to see your ophthamologist, to make sure what's what.

I really don't think your back should be hurting.  When you talked to the doc, did he have any explanation for it?  There would be a purple mark if you had a hematoma, and you said that your mom said it looked fine.  Is this where they did the puncture, or lower?  I think you should probably discuss it with a doctor.  Have you tried putting ice on it?  I suppose it could have some inflammation, and ice could help reduce that.

The ache in my back was gone before I went in on day three and got my blood patch, and the doc that did my LP was pushing that needle in from three different angles, jabbing bones and hitting nerves.  May he sit on a bee hive!  (sorry, still a little disgusted with the guy; wrote a complaint, no response).

Pressure on left side of back near ribs; kidney?  muscle strain? odd new parastesia?   I think this is a question for a doctor.

I posted some pictured from my trip to San Diego (finally) if you get bored and want to check them out.  

Well, thanks for the sunshine, sunny girl, it's bright and beautiful here, the lawn mowers and weed wackers are going full power.  We has some wild wind and rain a couple days ago, then threats of more yesterday.  Today is gorgeous; Sunny-shine all the way from Alabama!

Happy Hugs!


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I'm happy to hear you're back to your sunny self and that the dreaded headache is on its way out the door!  Taking it easy for a day or so more is probably a good idea.  Maybe your back is hurting from laying on it so much (plus having the LP doesn't help things either).  My body doesn't like the warmth of being in that particular spot too long and I I'll usually get muscle spasms.  

I also remember my vision getting worse after my LP.  It didn't stay bad for two much longer, if I can remember correctly.  I also developed this underwater hearing thing that lasted for a few days, too, after my LP--weirdest thing.  Talk about feeling disconnected . . .

So glad this is going away before your birthday!!!!!  My baby girl (actually she's the oldest) will be turning 21 in December.  She's saying that she's going to be tasting her first sip of wine (yeah right) when her birthday rolls around.  Something tells me that this is the furthest thing from your mind!!!!


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Thanks to you all!!!!

I'm hoping the vision problems and the back things will fade away VERY SOON... and as of today, i experience a new thing. I was dizzy. Yup... new one for me. Either from the lack of brain mass after it was squeezed to death or from laying flat for the longest time in my life since infancy. BUT, i was so dizzy tonight I'm sure i looked drunk as I reeled about. Bad blance+ dizzines= bad business. Yes, i've had bad balance this past year but I've never been dizzy. Ick. I'm hoping this will disapear too. Either that or I shall need to pick up a pair of football pads for my protection and perhaps some shin-gaurds, a helmet, and... well, you get the idea. Man, Quix and all those out there with this problem, how do you handle this dizzy thing? It's not fun at all!!!!

Good night all, and have a happy Wednesday!!!
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I too am glad to see that the headache seems to be getting better.

I cannot imaging how it feels, because I somehow have lucked out in my 3 punctures.

I did go the migraine route all through the teen years, but I don't know how those relate.

Anyway, my prayers are with you in your continual improvement.

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I AM SO HAPPY THAT YOU ARE COMING AROUND!!!  I didn't mean to get kinda rough with you the other night but I felt that you were getting too much stimulation by talking on here when you needed to rest and lie down.  I am so happy you are back even if you have become a dizzy blonde! he he  Perhaps it is from just lying down for so long...I know that I was dizzy after lying down for so long after my last surgery so hopefully this will pass too.  Just take your time getting up and if you feel faint, put your head between your knees and have someone put a cold cloth on the back of your neck...it works pretty well for me.

Lots of Hugs and so glad you are back!!!

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Rena... haha.... no offense taken, I checked in that night as usual to check my e-mail, noted the "mothers" telling me GET OFF, and i closed the lap top in a HURRY, as i haven't quite figured out if you can tell if i'm on here or not.... Grin!!!

I really didn't check in but once or twice a day there for a while, i felt so rough. I'm quite thoroughly happy to be feeling better, although i'd be overjoyed if all the Other Stuff went away too, and if could actually carry a decent conversation with others... seems that head-ache left me rather dumb. I will just get somewhere and just blank out and mom will come along and have to tell me what to do. How annoying. Tomorrow SHALL be better... as we say here in our family.

Richard- this head-ache was a LOT worse than the migraines i've had the last three years. I've totally invented myself a new pain scale, with this at the very tippy top and nothing else coming close. WHEW, am glad it's over and that you didn't have to go through that!

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The one that I remembered that was worst that the migraines was those college "hang over" headaches where they shorten your neck muscles by about 5 inches and then reattach it to your head and then drive a railroad spike through the back of your skull....

Where does that rank on the new scale?  :-)

You may have to go to a logarithmic scale under your new scheme!  :-)

Anyway, all cheerful banter aside, I am triple-glad (as my boys would say) that you are doing better!

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ooooh, a joke.....hard to think happy thoughts whilst sitting upon the loo.

Colonocity - You'll never groan alone!

Quizzle the Unstuck
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Hope you're feeling better today~ Sounds like you're getting your spirit back and feeling better each day!  Keep shining and smiling!  This too shall pass!  Wishing you lots of sunshine and happiness today!!

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