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Describe your heat intolerance.

I am trying to figure out the heat intolerance deal. It's normal for people to feel dizzy/light headed in extreme conditions, no? So what differs between MS heat intolerance and the norm?

I am having major problems with attending church. 30 minutes in and I am a tremory, fainty mess. My vision goes blurry, I get super disoriented, and my tremors intensify to full body tremors. Is this a normal heat reaction? I try to be honest with my neurologist with my symptoms and I don't want to tell her I have heat intolerance if the intolerance I have is normal. I know that sounds dumb... I just do want to put too many symptoms on her plate because I don't want her to feel like I'm fishing for an MS diagnosis..

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I don't have an actual diagnosis, but, heat is affecting me also. I have headaches, dizziness and blurry vision, but when I am hot, they intensify greatly.
I can't walk straight, i have an increase number of floaters in my eye, and very dizzy. I have always hated the heat of summer, but lately, i really am a mess
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I think it is safe to say you have heat intolerance based on the scenarios you described. I get the mini episodes when in small closed rooms that affect me with blurred vision and fatigue.

In the extreme heat and humidity of the summer months, I get cognitive issues in addition to the other symptoms I mentioned and I can also become lightheaded and fatigued to the point that I can no longer function physically. I can sleep roughly 40 hours on weekends during that season and never feel rested enough to get past Tues or Wed the next week.

This year I am hoping I will be better prepared and won't have it so bad.

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Yesterday has been the worse thus far. I couldn't shake it all day. Once I cooled down, I was so super lethargic all day I fell asleep twice at my desk while teaching. I also live in Florida so the highs are like 90 now and I'm starting to really notice the change. I am certainly noticing just an annoying increase of my already annoying symptoms. And let me add, I am undiagnosed, so now I just feel flat out annoyed!
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Many of us have some amount of heat intolerance. For me it's loss of leg control. Once my core temp reaches a certain level, my legs develop minds of their own. I can pick them up but can't control where they land. If I sit for a while, and cool down, my leg control is restoref

I would agree that you seem to have some level of heat intolerance. The only question is what's causing it. Full body tremors are not something usually associated with MS. Tell your neuro. Let her help you figure this stuff out :-)

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I don't have a dx, but when it gets hot, either outside or from activity, my left foot and leg start tingling like crazy, sometimes too my right foot to a lesser degree. As soon I cool down, the tingling stops. I also start feeling very spaced out, and stupid, as if I can't think straight and I am also very fatigued. On one notable occasion last summer, I also started trembling, and felt very weak. Hope that helps. Hope your neuro listens.
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What happens to you in Church could be a normal response eg dehydrated, hypogyeamic, hormonal etc to over heating and would of been a lot easier to work out, if what you experience was 'only' situation specific eg only church. I get why you'd be wondering because you are also describing this happening in other situations eg school, hot weather etc  so it could possibly be the same as MS heat intolerance (Uhthoff's sign).

BUT i still think it would be wise to consider if the normal causes 'could be' in some way responsible for your reactions, because from what you have described "fainty mess. My vision goes blurry, I get super disoriented, and my tremors intensify to full body tremors" and also because you don't seem to recover back to your normal, after you have cooled down "Once I cooled down, I was so super lethargic all day I fell asleep twice...." it doesn't sound quite right to me, and i'm thinking it sounds more similar to heat stroke signs.      

"Many people with MS experience a temporary worsening of their symptoms when the weather is very hot or humid or they run a fever. Activities including sunbathing, getting overheated from exercise, or taking very hot showers or baths can have the same effect......"

Nowadays my reaction to heat is that it increasingly effects my vision - double, balance - wobbly, bladder - no feeling urine runs, speech - stutter/slurr, gate - string puppet walking, fatigue - energy & muscle and its always basically the same and doesn't stop increasingly getting worse until i cool down and rest/sleep it off. The signs are probably already showing up a lot earlier but i don't always realise what's happening until it's rather obvious and i'm burnt toast.    

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