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Diagnosed yesterday

I joined this board a few weeks back after a bout of MS and MRI which followed. Yesterday was my appointment with the MS specialist and he confirmed it. I had already resigned myself to the fact I have MS and emotionally was doing quite well. However, the reality of it hit me again when I received the official diagnosis. He expressed concern with me being male and having 3 attacks in 1 year (tingling in both feet 05/12, ON 03/13 and numbness in lower lip and chin 04/13) but strongly believes in the treatment. I had more blood drawn yesterday to gauge potential side affects to the various meds. I am leaning towards Tecfidera as it has the highest efficacy rate with the fewest and mildest side affects. Just wanted to share this with you all because after reading through the various threads you all seem very nice and supportive. Eric
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Hi  Eric-

Welcome to our little MS encrusted corner of cyber space. Sorry you're here :-)

Tecfidera seems to offer great promise. In addition to the benefits you mention, it's also an oral med! No injections or infusions! Many of us are in discussions with our docs about the possibility of switching.

As to coping with the official diagnosis, we all have our own way. Like MS itself, no two coping strategies are the same. There is no wrong way to process the information.

Even with 3 attacks in a year, MS is not typically fast moving. Once you start a DMD yours will hopefully slow down. It is very possible to lead a normal, get up every morning and go to work life. I do. And I'm a guy too :-)

Getting a definite DX is a blessing in some ways. Many here are in limbo, some for years. Now that you know, you can put together a strategy to try and keep the MS beast at bay!

Welcome to our group.

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Thanks, Kyle.

My initial sentence should have read..."bout of ON"...not bout of "MS".

Going to stay positive, get on the treatment and live life.
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Eric,  It's tough news to hear and you are so right about this reality being shocking even though you suspected it. The next step is so important - getting on therapy and being compliant is so essential to battle this beast.

Good luck with the decision making - see you around, Laura
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Hi Eric,

At my official diagnosis, my Neuro had counted about 8 flares in a 1 1/2 year time frame. I was a mess! Looking back, I now understand why I was so passionate at finding a cause. I went from healthy vibrate to struggling for nearly two years. :(

I opted for Avonex. I have been on it since March 2012 and think it's been about 3 flares this last year. But, there has been much improvement in my symptoms since my first year.

I just want to give hope.

I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis. The right decision is important. I don't have ANY side affects with Avonex. It will take a lot to get me to risk side affects and flares. 1 shot a week and so far so good. :)

I wish you well.
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Hi Eric,
  Sorry for the diagnosis. The first year can be a roller coaster of emotions. Sounds like a good choice to me. Hang in there. MS has a lot of uncertainty so I had to learn to live with uncertainty.

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