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Did anyone have a very mild headache post-lumbar puncture?

I had a great LP experience.  I've had a mild intermittent headache since, up above my eyes and occasionally pain in my left eye.  Not painful, not "the" headache, however I don't ever get headaches and this isn't resolving.  I did call and leave a message for neuro. Neuro confirmed that it was related to the LP.  I've kept all the rules.

However, today it's worse ... more painful.  I had the LP on March 5 ... not sure whether it could be still related (the headache is in the same place) or whether perhaps a new med is making it worse (my gp started me on nortriptyline and I do have pretty bad dry mouth from it).

I have left yet another message, but just wondered whether anyone else has experienced this mild, persistant headache from an LP.

Thanks so much!!!
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Hi, when I had my LP my headache was mild until about 30 hours after. Then it got worse.

Lying down helped it but mine really only lasted about a week.

Hopefully you will hear something soon. Is it possible to get your GP on board to speed up a response from your neuro?

I don't know if the headaches can get worse after that many days.

Keep calling your medical team.  Hopefully someone else will chime in with more info.

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So sorry you are dealing with a headache...hope you can get answers and relief soon!

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It is common to have a head ache for up to three weeks after a LP. One trick is stand up or sit up slowly. It should be getting a little better each day.

The new drug especially if it causes dry mouth could cause a sinus headache. There is any easy fix. Get simple saline nasal gel and put in your nose. If your nose is drying out like the dry mouth, it will help keep it moist. I realized that many of my medications cause dry mouth. The two things that can go with dry mouth aare dry nose,leading to sinus headaches which can turn into migraines, and constipation.

We do not think of the drying side of drugs. antihistimines, sleeping aids, pain medications, muscle relaxers, anti depressants, and other drugs can cause this. When you add more than one drugs it magnifies it. Dry mouth can also affect dental health. I use whitening mouthwash because it has peroxide in it and keeps down bacteria and mouth sores. Mouth sore mouth wash has peroxide and is more expensive.

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Thank you, Alex!  This is good information ... I wondered if it was the nortriptyline making the headache seem worse.  I will attempt to sit and stand slowly (when I  mobile, I tend to move fast just because I can ;) ...)

And thank you for the info that it could last three weeks ... Puts my mind at ease considerably!

Re: dental health -- I wasnin amitriptyline for six weeks a couple of years ago.  I had a regular checkup four weeks in, and my dentist took one look in my mouth and asked, "What med are you taking?"

Thanks for  the help!!!

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Just to follow up -- headache lasted 18 days in total.  Mild almost the whole time.  I also ended up in another relapse of my undxed whatever -- coincidental probably.
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Any stress can cause a relapse. The headache sounds normal. Mine was bad but got a little better every day. Glad it is over.

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Thanks,  Alex!  And thank you for all of your contributions to this board -- reading your story made has made my detour into cancer much less scary.  FYI -- the cancer- related neurological syndrome was ruled out.
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I am so glad. I hate being scared.

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