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Diet question (my sister asked me this)

Last Monday my husband & I started Phase 1 of the South Beach diet. Phase 1 is super strict, no sugar or carbs of any kind for 2 weeks. We have done very well on it, and I'm very proud of myself for not cheating at all, even though I'm still making food with carbs for the kids. And, you are allowed 75 sugar calories a day, but I've only been having 25 worth of sugar in my coffee. In the 8 days we have been on it I have lost 6 pounds and DH has lost 8. By the end of last week I couldn't stand to look at another chicken breast LOL DH has loved it, but I'm more of a veggiesaurus  while he is definitely a meatysaurus :-P

Well, this week I feel like I'm falling apart. On Monday the foot issue started up badly (feels like I'm walking on glass & nails, more on my right foot than my left). It has gotten a bit better today. Tuesday I started seeing flashes of light in my peripheral vision if I turned my eyes side-to-side. This afternoon I was hit with a wall of exhaustion like I haven't felt in months. It was instant. Although a cup of coffee has helped a bit, I still feel like I could lay down and sleep. But, at the same time my arms just felt twitchy and weak. I've asked DH to pick up something for dinner because I just don't feel up to cooking.

My sister was wondering if maybe the strict no carbs thing has thrown me into a flare/ pseudo-relapse? I honestly have no clue if it would! I'm calling my neuro tomorrow to try to get in on Friday. I was hoping to wait until after our camping trip this weekend, but I think too much is going on.

Do you guys have any idea if the diet could be causing this?
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I don't think the lack of carbs is doing you in...  I think it's more likely just a flare.  (Just!)  Are you eating any veggies at all in Phase 1?  I feel a lot better in general when I eat lots of vegetables.
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Hi Jess. I really doubt it.

Congratulations on losing that weight! Men always seem to do better than women on diets, which is so maddening! Quix, I believe, finds the South Beach type diet very reasonable, but I just can't stand all that meat, even though I'm far from a vegetarian.

Go ahead and call your doc. That might help. It's possible that you're stressed because of the strictness of SB, yet I don't see how that might make symptoms worse.

Others may have better info, so I hope they join in.

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I would ask your Dr or call the office and ask the nurse...see what they say.  I can't see it being the diet..??  

take care and good luck with SB..
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Congrats on your weight loss.

Everyone reacts differently to things, but I have heard from dieticians that any restrictive diet is not good for you,even though you may lose weight.

But, I would check with the dr about it.

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Thanks everyone! I did read something on the NMSS and it says the jury is still out on how safe it is for someone with MS, but that if your body is making ketones it can cause some issues. It said ketones can curb your appetite (I've not been hungry much this week, and today I've honestly not eaten much) which can be good, but it can also cause fatigue.

I will try to get in to see my doctor Friday. In the meantime, we will move into Phase 2 of the diet a bit early. I prefer whole grains in everything but baked goods, so I'm just going to be careful of my portion sizes and add in fruits. I've always been a big veggie eater, way more than fruit, but I'm going to try to change that. Phase 2 I can follow completely, but I'm starting to think Phase 1 with the absolutely no carbs is not healthy for me. At least not for more then a week.

I'd rather lose weight slow and lose it forever than lose it quick and find it again quickly LOL

thanks for your help everyone! I'll let you know what my doctor says on Friday!
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The only thing I could possibly attribute to the diet is the extra fatigue. I know that when you lose weight to fast you can become very tired but with all the other symptoms I am not sure.

Call your doctor and wait to see if Quix replies, she is very good at answering these types of questions.

Good luck


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