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Differentiating MS numbness from spinal stenosis and disc issues

Ok, so here's my problem. I cracked my neck back in '07 REALLY hard and the next day I couldn't move my left arm. I eventually got the usage of my arm back, but I retained some very mild "dead man's hand" numbness in both hands. I think I also had the numbness in my right hand although I could use it.
About two years after that I had numbness in the bottom of my feet of the same type. I can still "feel" my feet but it's that dead man's hand feeling.
I just assumed it was the hereditary spinal stenosis and disc problems in my family.
I was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. In my last attack, my stomach, patches on my back and legs were vaguely numb. However, my cervical MRI also turned up quite a bit of other neck problems, which included a mild spinal stenosis and several bulging discs. Does anyone know about both conditions and how do I tell which is from which?
By the way, steroids totally got rid of my recent attack numbness.MS hug remains, however.
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Maybe I should also add that I also have an extra lumbar vertebrae and tons of problems with my hip joints. The xray person said it looks like sharp, jagged spikes of bone in my hip bones..My entire skeleton is just kinda whacked.
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i'd be interested in the replies. i have ms and cervical issues and have requested surgery. one surgeon says its a go and he can help with minimal laser surgery and one(va) say no way due to ms. that is he thinks the risks aren't worth it with ms.

the symptoms suck and quality of life degraded.
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I have had lumbar spinal stenosis, a hip replacement and have MS, the Trifecta!

I'm not sure you can tell, except by process of elimination. I had a laminectomy to remedy the stenosis and a hip replacement to correct 80% bone on bone osteoarthritis. I guess anything that's left over I can blame on MS :-)

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My Neurologist can tell what is MS and what is caused by my disks. He can tell by a simple Neurological exam. I was wondering if I had Neuropathy from my chemo or it was MS. He said I did not have periferal neuropathy which would be chemo but that it came from MS. He took a tuning fork and placed on both hands and feet. He said my neuropathjy came from spinal lesions because I could feel the tuning fork on my hands and feet.

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did the laminectomy help?
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