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Dilated Eyes

Anyone? Sure, I've asked this before, but I'll ask again as an update/question... I thought they were slowly getting better since my June symptoms popped up, but this past week after my seizures as all, they seem to be more dilated again, and like today, when I felt really bad, my left eye was EXTRA droopy and they were REALLY dilated according to my mom and the mirror. And, yes, I've done a lot of looking online and non of my meds should be doing this.

Also, this freaked me out. Twice, I've looked in the mirror, and my one eye has been a dilated a different size than the other. Very noticibly. Freakish.

Right now they are the same size, larger and letting in lot of light, example :if   I look a the chandelier the lights look streamish as though I'm looking through tears.

Well, I only hope this is ok, and that I shouldn't be concerned. So far my eye doctor sorta thought it was serious, and my Dr. DWI brushed it off since he didn't really know what is was, but he did notice it without me mentioning it, it is that obvious.

This doesn't help one's self-consiousness... trust me... I have green eyes so it's very weird looking with these black holes in the middle in such sunny areas.
~Sunnytoday~ (who is wearing sunglass)
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You're are sounding like you need to call your opthamologist.  I'd do this right away.  My opthamologist told me to call even when the office is closed and leave a message.  He has someone monitoring the calls and will get back with me.  

The streamish look of things and pupil dilation may signal optic neurtis.  If it's not, at least you can have the peace of mind that you check it out.

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You're a weird one!  ;-)

I had some serious droop in my right eyelid, but as far as I know, I don't have uneven dilation of my eyes.

"Anisocoria is usually the result of a defect in efferent nervous pathways controlling the pupil traveling in the oculomotor nerve (parasympathetic fibers) or the sympathetic pathways..."  whatever that means.  Bless Wikipedia.


So you've got some problem with the nerve fibers controlling the pupil.  Makes perfect sense.  You've got some sort of neurological disorder affecting all the nerves, including the ones to the eye.

Lessee... more google...   Third cranial nerve controls the oculomotor nerve, which:

"The oculomotor nerve is the third of twelve paired cranial nerves. It controls most of the eye's movements, constriction of the pupil, and maintains an open eyelid."

Well, there you go.  Google is great, isn't it?  Sounds like you've got some damage to either the third cranial nerve, or the part that sends information to and from the third cranial nerve.  (cnIII is the usual designation.)
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And yeah, Deb is right, you've probably got optic neuritis.  Look at something bright red and see if it's faded in one eye.  That's a common sign of ON.
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You guys are GREAT!!!

So, leseee.... my abnormal VEP results back in May would totally back that up... and the fact that they dx.'d be with O.N. in April would cover this new development also, right?

So, we just say, "huh, that's totally weird" and go with it as part of O.N.?  I see the folks at NYU on the 10th, maybe they will mention something about it.

With it getting worse this week, along with these wonderful seizures and extra pain in my feet and hands, I reckon it could just be a sign of more damage up there.

Thanks again, I can always count on you guys!!!!!
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