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Disabling Fatigue-Pain-Sensations In Limbs-Vertigo-In Diagnostic Limbo!


I am hoping someone who has MS or knows a lot about it could offer some advice? So I guess I will list off the various physical symptoms I have been experiencing on and off for over a year now... Also, they did not all start at once. It started with subtle ones then others etc Below, I listed the things I am going through...

- DOUBLE VISION, VERTIGO - resulting in nausea

- very obvious right arm TREMOR

- HEADACHES, stabbing sharp ones

- LOSS OF BALANCE and I become very clumsy and I fumble objects when handling them

- I am FATIGUED every day.

- I am minding the HEAT and become even more tired after certain kinds of exercise

- my SKIN TINGLES often and is incredibly ITCHY (no rash)

- Sometimes I experience a lot of pain, SHARP, STUNNING PAIN DOWN MY LEGS AND in my arms.
- When I bend my neck certain ways, I feel a buzzing down my legs

- My SHORT TERM MEMORY is lousy....

- I just feel WEAK a lot of the time.

- Sometimes my right leg and arm will feel NUMB, as if asleep and it won't wake up... Almost 'buzzy''

- Had PAIN IN RIGHT EYE only once, but it was accompanied by double vision.

- Alcohol and chocolate seem to make these worse!

- I have embarrassing moments of BATHROOM-URGENCY

I am female, I am twenty years old and have been otherwise very active and healthy my whole life, until this all began...Had first appointment with neurologist, he said I have a negative MRI. Only had one MRI last winter. So he doubts I have MS. Yet he was asking me all about my symptoms and kept mentioning MS.

He has put me Nadolol for the migraines...Seems to think I have a migraine disorder yet he can offer no explanation for the litany of other reoccurring symptoms...I am due shortly for a Nerve Conduction test. And I am beginning to become super frustrated. I want answers, I want help. I am too young to feel like this. I don't even care what it is, I just need some sort of a treatment plan!

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I understand your frustration. It took a yr and a half to get my diagnosis and that included 2 very mean incompetent neurologists before I left the state for a specialist.

MS is very hard to diagnose. It is usually done by MRI, symptoms, age, family history. At first glance, it does appear that you have many of the symptoms that scream MS. Many Neurologists will not diagnose without lesions found on the MRI.

Try not to get too discouraged. Keep bugging the Dr until you get the answers. Only you know your body. I was told by the other Dr that I was just stressed and he made me feel like I was crazy.

Sometimes an MRI will not pick up on a lesion if it is really small. In my case, I had several small lesions. My specialist found them.

I hope this helps you. It is maddening when you feel you're not being heard. Hang in there. There are many people on here that are still waiting for an answer.

Take Care!!

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Thank you for your reply. My other account no longer works, so this is why you may see the name change. I appreciate your advice. I am not too quick to bail on my neuro 'cos it is only  the 1st meeting over with.

However after a year of my family doctor asking about anxiety, depression, putting me on anti depressants and anti-histamines, I am so fed up with stuff that isn't working. It's just ARGH! I know I'm not nuts, I'm not depressed for any other reason than being left to wither away, so it feels.

Perhaps I do not have MS, but there is something WRONG, ya know? I just got the feeling he sort of snubbed it all b/c of the presently-negative MRI. ''Here's something for the head.'' ''What about everything else?'' ''I don't know.'' like Thanks bud.

Anyhow I really appreciate your post. Thank you!!!

rock_the_plank_607 (formerly rockabilly400)
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