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Dizzy and heavy head

Lately I have had a dizzy, heavy head feeling when sitting or standing or lying down.  I don't notice much spinning but it is almost as if my eyes don't catch up to where I am looking. It doesn't last long (a few seconds) but is very unsettling. Is this a symptom of MS or TM?
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I have PPMS and one symptom I've never had due to my MS was dizziness... MS has so many symptoms and just about everyone I know has different ones... Nothing with MS is cut and dry... Hopefully someone can jump in here and give you some answers to your question... I wish you the best and sorry I couldn't be of more help...

I'll be praying,
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Hi there,

Like Granny says, not one person's symptoms are exactly alike with MS. But, in the context of MS, this individual problem does not sound like MS to me. Hope that gives you some relief.

What else is going on? Are you able to get to your doctor?
Thanks for joining us if I've not said so already,
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Interesting - I've been experiencing similar symptoms quite a bit lately, and I have TM and 'probable' MS.  My head feels heavy - it's a great way to describe it.  And the dizziness is not like you've been spinning around and stopped and can't catch your balance, it's just feeling. . like a half a beat off.  I just caught myself walking in to work, feeling as though I was walking in a crooked line.  I have a neruo appt tomorrow and planned on asking about it. Sorry, not much help here, but I can relate to the feelings.
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I too am diagnosed with TM.  My neuro doesn't think it will progress to MS but has me scheduled for followup MRI's at 6 and 12 months as well as keeping track of symptoms.   I have a call into my neuro regarding this symptom and a few other new things that have come up this past week.

I will be curious to know what your neuro has to say.
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I saw the neuro and it sounds like it's all just par for the course.  I've been complaining about this head/neck feeling since the beginning, but it does come and go.  We did discuss that it is likely caused by the existing spinal lesions, and it's not something new or progressing.  Maybe the same for you since it sounds like you are dealing with similar leisions.

Did you discuss with your neuro?  Just curious!
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I've been having heavy head for more than a month now, also feel like my head is beating in sync with my pulse, weeks after that my neck gets tired quickly, it aches and i need to lie down.i also had severe twitches all over my body- thighs, chest, stomach,arms.  I cant pass stools , only once a day or two that also very very little, pale or just watery. Ive also had anxiety due to this unusual symptoms .i also had severe fatique but its fine now. I have muscle pains in my legs and find it hard to walk/stand  for long periods. My eyes also has problems, i see lines and tiny circles floating, my left eye gets blurry for a while ocassionally. My left arm feels as if its not recieving enuf blood. I feel sharp pain affecting a small packet/group of nerves in my left leg few inches above the heel, does it sound like MS. I havent done any MRI's yet though. All this happend in about 2 and half months. Every symptoms still persists xcpt severe fatigue and frequent  twitches randomly all over the body.
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