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Do MS spasms move around the body?

My Neuro and Rheumy think I have MS as well as undifferentiated connective tissue disease.   The last week has been hard, the pain started in my lower leg around 9 that morning and by 7 that night had worked its way up to my pelvic area, with Medrol, the pain was gone the next day, then 2 days later i started getting pain around my left ribs until it felt like someone was squeezing me real hard around my ribs and my husband said i looked like death warmed over. Two days later it was gone and now this morning the painful spasms have moved to my mid and lower back along with occasional right leg spasms.

How long does this go on and how do they treat it?

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I have very similar issues, and mine have not stopped. Actually, over time and with every relapse, they get steadily worse. After this last relapse, I've had spasticity in both legs, cramps in my feet, calves, thighs, hips and back, dysesthesia in my right leg and hip and paresthesia in my legs and arms. Most, if not all, of these issues have been with me from my first MS attack and I've been told that it's just part of the disease. I'm on Lyrica for the paresthesia, and it helps a little most of the time, but not all the time. I've been told that there are medications that I can use that will lessen the pain, but that it might impact my ability to work and that's a no-go for me. I hope you find some relief, though! I've heard from others that sometimes massage can bring some relief for muscle pain and there are other CAM remedies that can help, too.
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Thank you for the info, its been really hard dealing with all of this. I had thyroid cancer last year and after they took my thyroid out all of this cropped up. We are trying to come with our part of the money to pay for the MRI of the brain and neck, since most places down here want their money upfront.

My husband hates seeing me in pain and feels so helpless when I am hurting real bad. I was a truck driver before all of this started and feel so useless because I can't work anymore. never know what will hit me from one day to the next.

When mine first started 10 months ago, I had pain in my feet and then bad muscle spasms and tightening down my legs and arms. And now this along with ocular migraines everyday.
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My mind and heart are right with you!

I totally understand what you mean when you speak of your worries and concerns!

I had my first symptom about 7 months ago.
Changed my life over night as I once knew it.

I understand what you mean about feeling bad
you can't work and help with the income in your home.
It's very hard to lose your/our  independence.  

This sight has been a great comfort to me.
The friends I have here are my support system.
They check on me and have shown great love and concern for me.

They help me not to feel sorry for myself and
set me straight when I need to be. LOL

They have helped me have hope for my future and
to accept that I have to change  my plans for myself,
but that there is life beyond this...  : )

I'm learning to go with the flow and relax as I wait for more answers.
I am so sorry you are going through so much at once!

Feel free to read my posts and journals.

I have my days that I'm on top of this new journey,
I also have days that are hard to bear and
I feel stuck.

I take things one hour at a time.

Things are constantly changing,
New symptoms  introduced.

I never have a min free of them now.
It's just too hard to look behind or too far ahead.

I am thanking God that I was healthy while I was raising my children!!

I'm also thankful that I have good health insurance!

I am still being tested. I'm seeing a specialist at Duke  in NC.

If you need a friend to talk to, give me a note, I check in here almost every day.

Hugs... NiCee
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