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Do you follow the injection rotation schedule?

I've now done 4 days of Copaxone shots. I feel it is going well. I have a birth defect of my left arm so we, DH and I, knew that DH would be doing the shots for my right arm and right hip. Yesterday I went to give myself the shot in my left hip and I could not see well enough to do it so I asked DH to do that also. (Side question...but at some point should I be able to do that one without having to see?)

DH has been great about it, but I can tell he feels like he is hurting me. He is not, I don't feel the needle at all and the bee sting feeling doesn't start for a minute or two. I just feel bad that he is having to do 3 shots in a row.

The site rotation schedule I got says you do arm, arm, hip, hip, thigh, thigh, stomach.

I would like to do a "clockwise" schedule: left arm, right arm, right hip, right thigh, left thigh, stomach, left hip. This way DH is only doing 2, then has a few days break before the next hip shot.

I can't see that there is much difference between Shared Solutions schedule, and the one I would like to use...but I wanted to see what rotation you guys use. I figure there is a good reason why they have the schedule the way they do....and I must just be missing something. I don't want to screw things up :-)

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I'm glad it's been going well for you! My rotation is stomach, R leg, L leg, L arm, R arm, L hip, and R hip. This must have been what my schedule said in the beginning. All I know is I live for Thursdays because that means my legs are done for a week and they're my most un-favorite spot.

I don't rotate sites within each area like you're supposed to though. I just look around and stick wherever looks vein-free because I hate when a bit of blood comes out.

I say go ahead and change it to suit your life. Make it work for you! The easier and more convenient for you, the more likely you'll be to "sitck" to it! (ha-ha)

But when you do make the transition, try not to do the same place 2 days in a row. That's never a good idea. I'm glad you've got someone who is willing & able to help you :)
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You can work out that schedule to whatever works for you.... mine is stomach, thigh, thigh, hip, hip, arm, arm --- sort of like the Macarena!!!

As long as you are using different sites- that is the important thing that you let the previous sites heal completely.  

It will get easier - I don't look when I am doing my hips or my arms - the autoinjector makes it very easy once you understand what it is you are supposed to do.

take care, L
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You can change your schedule.  My husband used to help me with the hips and the arms.  I've figured out how to do the hips myself now -- so now he only helps with the arms.

Shared Solutions will send a nurse out to give you a "refresher" course on injections if you ever feel you need that.  The first time, the nurse wasn't much more knowledgeable than I was just starting out.  The second time, the nurse really helped me understand where and how to use the autoinject.  She even got me to do my arm myself -- which I still think you need to be an acrobat to do on a regular basis!
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I was taught STAR - Stomach, Thigh, Arm, Rear (but it's really the hip)

So using this backwards would be RATS, hahah I love it!

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